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Bun­des­an­stalt für Mate­ri­al­for­schung und -prü­fung - Divi­sion "Safety of Trans­port Con­tain­ers“ in Ber­lin-Steglitz

The Bundes­an­stalt für Mater­i­alforschung und -prü­fung (BAM) is a mater­i­als research organ­iz­a­tion in Ger­many. Our mis­sion is to ensure safety in tech­no­logy and chem­istry. We per­form research and test­ing in mater­i­als sci­ence, mater­i­als engin­eer­ing and chem­istry to improve the safety of products and pro­cesses. At BAM we do research that mat­ters. Our work cov­ers a broad array of top­ics in the focus areas of energy, infra­struc­ture, envir­on­ment, mater­i­als, and ana­lyt­ical sci­ences.
The Trans­port Con­tainer Safety divi­sion is con­cerned with research, test­ing and assess­ment of trans­port con­tain­ers for radio­act­ive mater­i­als. This includes mech­an­ical and thermal safety veri­fic­a­tions and the devel­op­ment of exper­i­mental and com­pu­ta­tional test meth­ods for the ana­lysis of trans­port con­tain­ers. As part of the exper­i­mental work, we per­form a vari­ety of load tests at our BAM Test Site for Tech­nical Safety (TTS) close to Ber­lin.

Thesis or pro­ject work

Work­ing field:

Pos­sible top­ics for a thesis or pro­ject work:

  • Exper­i­mental and numer­ical invest­ig­a­tions of a heated steel disk for mod­el­ing of fire tests
  • Exper­i­mental and numer­ical invest­ig­a­tions of prestressed bolted joints under load
  • Fire test­ing of con­tain­ers with sheet metal encap­su­lated wood struc­tures
  • Exper­i­mental and numer­ical invest­ig­a­tions of sheet metal encap­su­lated wood struc­tures under dynamic load­ing

Fur­ther applic­a­tion-related research top­ics can be developed in the field of safety of trans­port con­tain­ers.


  • Stu­dent in a STEM sub­ject
  • Exper­i­ence in the fields of clas­sical mech­an­ics, thermic or the applic­a­tion of sim­u­la­tion soft­ware in the afore­men­tioned fields is an advant­age
  • Will­ing­ness to famil­i­ar­ize with fur­ther pro­grams, e.g. sim­u­la­tion soft­ware, meas­ure­ment
  • Interest in applied research

What we of­fer:

  • Excel­lently equipped work­place with power­ful work­sta­tion
  • Vari­ous sim­u­la­tion tools for the invest­ig­a­tion of mech­an­ical and thermal prob­lems
  • Out­stand­ingly equipped labor­at­or­ies with meas­ure­ment tech­no­logy for thermal and mech­an­ical invest­ig­a­tions
  • Excep­tional exper­i­mental work at our BAM Test Site for Tech­nical Safety (TTS)
  • Famil­i­ar­iz­a­tion with new top­ics and expan­sion of skills already acquired dur­ing stud­ies
  • Insight into the prac­tical field of trans­port safety

How to ap­ply:

We look for­ward to receiv­ing your applic­a­tion by e-mail. Altern­at­ively, you can also send your applic­a­tion by post to:

Bundes­an­stalt für Mater­i­alforschung und -prü­fung
Fachbereich 3.2
Unter den Eichen 44 - 46
12205 Ber­lin

Dr Gleim will be glad to answer any spe­cific ques­tions you may have. Please get in touch via the tele­phone num­ber +49 30 8104-3168 and/or by email to