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Wis­sen­schafts­zen­trum Ber­lin für Sozi­al­for­schung gGmbH - Sozi­al­wis­sen­schaf­ten

Das Wis­sen­schafts­zen­trum Ber­lin für Sozi­al­for­schung (WZB) betreibt pro­blem­ori­en­tierte Grund­la­gen­for­schung. Unter­sucht wer­den Ent­wick­lun­gen, Pro­bleme und Inno­va­ti­ons­chan­cen moder­ner Gesell­schaf­ten. Die For­schung ist theo­rie­ge­lei­tet, pra­xis­be­zo­gen, oft lang­fris­tig ange­legt und meist inter­na­tio­nal ver­glei­chend.

Four Stu­dent Assi­stants (f/m/x)



For its depart­ment “Insti­tu­ti­ons and Poli­ti­cal Ine­qua­lity” (Direc­tor: Prof. Macar­tan Hum­phreys, Ph.D.), the Ber­lin Social Sci­ence Cen­ter (WZB) is loo­king for

Four Stu­dent Assi­stants (f/m/x)

on a tem­porary basis, star­ting on June 15, 2021 for a dura­tion of six mon­ths (exten­sion is pos­si­ble) with a wee­kly working time of up to 19 hours.

WZB is a non-pro­fit orga­ni­za­tion and a mem­ber of the Leib­niz Asso­cia­tion. WZB enga­ges in rese­arch of fun­da­men­tal socie­tal ques­ti­ons from the per­spec­tives of dif­fe­rent disci­pli­nes. It is one of the most renow­ned insti­tu­ti­ons in the field of social sci­en­ces. The sci­en­tists who work tog­e­ther at the insti­tute come from such fields as socio­logy, poli­ti­cal sci­ence, eco­no­mics, law, and psy­cho­logy. The fin­dings of WZB rese­arch are direc­ted at the sci­ence com­mu­nity, the inte­rested public, and also experts dealing with poli­ti­cal and eco­no­mic issues, with media, and society.

The unit’s rese­arch focu­ses on the expe­ri­men­tal and other­wise quan­ti­ta­tive study of the poli­ti­cal eco­nomy of ine­qua­lity and infor­mal insti­tu­ti­ons. The suc­cess­ful app­li­cant will work in a dyna­mic rese­arch envi­ron­ment with scho­l­ars from Ger­many, Ire­land, Mexico, Nepal, Roma­nia, Rus­sia and the United Sta­tes.

The stu­dent assi­stants will pri­ma­rily work on rese­arch pro­jects led by the rese­ar­chers of the unit, inclu­ding obser­va­tio­nal and expe­ri­men­tal work on poli­ti­cal and eco­no­mic ine­qua­lity, voter pivo­ta­lity, media per­sua­sion, poli­ti­cal and eco­no­mic decen­tra­li­za­tion, tra­di­tio­nal poli­ti­cal insti­tu­ti­ons, inter­group rela­ti­ons, migra­tion, and the poli­tics of government sur­veil­lance. The stu­dent assi­stants may also work on rese­arch con­duc­ted by other mem­bers of the rese­arch depart­ment, such as pro­jects on the social/poli­ti­cal deter­mi­nants of Covid-19 mor­ta­lity, or the socio-poli­ti­cal impact of Covid-19 restric­tions.
The posi­ti­ons would be an ideal sub­stan­tive fit for stu­dents inte­rested in deve­lop­ment, con­flict, and poli­ti­cal and eco­no­mic ine­qua­lity, and in lear­ning about field expe­ri­men­tal and sur­vey methods. The posi­tion also allows the can­di­date to pur­sue eit­her an MA dis­ser­ta­tion or an inde­pen­dent rese­arch pro­ject based on the data gene­ra­ted from the above-men­tio­ned pro­jects.

Your tasks and duties
  • Sup­port the rese­ar­cher(s) in their rese­arch pro­jects inclu­ding data collec­tion, data manage­ment, and sta­tis­ti­cal ana­ly­ses of cross-natio­nal or panel sur­veys and other kinds of data for­mats, such as field expe­ri­men­tal data,
  • Lite­ra­ture sear­ches,
  • The crea­tion of data gra­phics,
  • Assi­s­tance with the pre­sen­ta­tion of quan­ti­ta­tive mate­rial,
  • And other rou­tine office tasks.

Er­war­te­te Qua­li­fi­ka­tio­nen:

  • The stu­dent assi­stant will be an advan­ced Bache­lor or a Mas­ter stu­dent in poli­ti­cal sci­ence, socio­logy, eco­no­mics, deve­lop­ment stu­dies, social policy, or rela­ted sub­jects (unfor­tu­n­a­tely, Ph.D. can­di­da­tes are not eli­gi­ble for the posi­tion),
  • With an active enroll­ment at a Ger­man uni­ver­sity for the dura­tion of the stu­dent assi­stant con­tract,
  • With excel­lent know­ledge of the Eng­lish lan­guage (the working lan­guage of the rese­arch unit is Eng­lish),
  • With trai­ning in and expe­ri­ence with sta­tis­ti­cal methods, and excel­lent R or STATA skills (pre­vious expe­ri­ence working with advan­ced regres­sion models and their visua­li­za­tion is an advan­tage),
  • The abi­lity to com­mu­ni­cate effec­tively with both tech­ni­cal and non-tech­ni­cal audi­en­ces, and com­pe­tent hand­ling of MS Office app­li­ca­ti­ons are important,
  • Desi­ra­ble skills include back­ground know­ledge of one or more of the fol­lo­wing regi­ons of the world: sub-Saha­ran Africa, Sou­the­ast Asia, the Middle East, or the post-Soviet sta­tes, expe­ri­ence in working with GIS data, pro­gramming lan­guage skills, or working know­ledge of Rus­sian.

Un­ser An­ge­bot:

  • Remu­ne­ra­tion in accordance with TV Stud. III of the state of Ber­lin (cur­r­ently EUR 12.68 per hour),
  • A well-equip­ped work­place in the cen­ter of Ber­lin,
  • Inter­na­tio­nal, coope­ra­tive, and diver­si­fied working envi­ron­ment,
  • In-depth inte­gra­tion into the sci­en­ti­fic com­mu­nity in the form of col­lo­qui­ums and con­fe­ren­ces,
  • Tho­rough inst­ruc­tion and gui­d­ance,
  • Fle­xi­ble working hours,
  • We pro­mote a good work-life balance, and our enga­ge­ment has been cer­ti­fied by audit workan­dfa­mily and the European Com­mis­sion’s Human Resour­ces Stra­tegy for Rese­ar­chers (HRS4R),
  • Cafe­te­ria with modern recrea­tion rooms.

Hin­wei­se zur Be­wer­bung:

Equally qua­li­fied app­li­cants with disa­bi­li­ties will be given pre­fe­rence. We value diver­sity and wel­come all app­li­ca­ti­ons – irre­spec­tive of gen­der, natio­na­lity, eth­nic or social ori­gin, reli­gion, disa­bi­lity, age, or sexual ori­en­ta­tion. WZB expressly encou­ra­ges women or per­sons with migra­tion back­grounds to apply.

If you have any ques­ti­ons regar­ding the job ope­ning, please con­tact

For more infor­ma­tion about the rese­arch group IPI, fol­low this link:
For more infor­ma­tion about WZB, see

Have we spar­ked your inte­rest? In that case, we are loo­king for­ward to recei­ving your app­li­ca­tion (let­ter of moti­va­tion, CV) in a sin­gle PDF-file by April 18, 2021 to

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