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Tech­ni­sche Uni­ver­sität Ber­lin - Fac­ulty VI - Insti­tute of Civil Engin­eer­ing / Chair of Water Resources Man­age­ment and Mod­el­ing of Hydro­sys­tems

Employee with uni­versity degree - 0.5 work­ing-time - salary grade E13 TV-L Ber­liner Hoch­schu­len

under the reserve that funds are gran­ted

UWI is an inter­dis­cip­lin­ary research train­ing group of engin­eers and nat­ural sci­ent­ists loc­ated at the Tech­nis­che Uni­versität Ber­lin (TUB) and the Leib­niz Insti­tute of Fresh­wa­ter Eco­logy and Inland Fish­er­ies (IGB), a mem­ber of the Forschungs­verb­and Ber­lin e.V. and the Leib­niz Asso­ci­ation. Focus­ing on ‘urban water inter­faces’, doc­toral can­did­ates receive train­ing which will facil­it­ate research and lead to a fast and ori­ginal dis­ser­ta­tion and high-qual­ity pub­lic­a­tions.

Work­ing field:

UWI involves a high num­ber of par­ti­cipants from the TUB and IGB ( The coordin­ator’s role is to assist the speak­ers’ team in organ­ising vari­ous UWI activ­it­ies. She*he will be involved in plan­ning these activ­it­ies and will work inde­pend­ently to carry them out. In par­tic­u­lar, the coordin­ator will organ­ise the UWI core and elect­ive course pro­grammes, sum­mer schools, an inter­na­tional UWI con­fer­ence, guest lec­tures and other sem­inars and work­shops. She*he will also be respons­ible for UWI’s pub­lic rela­tions, mon­itor the flow of funds, and be the con­tact per­son for the Deutsche Forschungs­ge­meinsch­aft (DFG, Ger­man Research Found­a­tion) in admin­is­trat­ive affairs. Main work­ing place will be at the TUB, Chair of Water Resources Man­age­ment and Mod­el­ing of Hydro­sys­tems.


  • Suc­cess­fully com­pleted uni­versity degree (Mas­ter, Dip­lom or equi­val­ent), PhD and have research exper­i­ence in an area related to urban water inter­faces
  • She*he must have organ­isa­tional skills, exper­i­ence in admin­is­tra­tion and show par­tic­u­lar interest in sci­ence man­age­ment.
  • Flu­ency both in Eng­lish and Ger­man is essen­tial
We seek a highly qual­i­fied, ver­sat­ile and ded­ic­ated per­son who can work inde­pend­ently and make ori­ginal con­tri­bu­tions to man­age UWI effi­ciently. For more inform­a­tion about the pos­i­tion, please refer to the research train­ing group’s main speaker Prof. Dr. R. Hinkel­mann (

How to ap­ply:

Please send your app­lic­a­tion with the ref­er­ence num­ber and the usual doc­u­ments (com­bined in a sin­gle pdf file) only by email to Prof. Dr. Hinkel­mann (

By sub­mit­ting your app­lic­a­tion via email you con­sent to hav­ing your data elec­tron­ic­ally pro­ces­sed and saved. Please note that we do not pro­vide a guar­anty for the pro­tec­tion of your per­sonal data when sub­mit­ted as unpro­tec­ted file. Please find our data pro­tec­tion notice acc. DSGVO (Gen­eral Data Pro­tec­tion Reg­u­la­tion) at the TU staff depart­ment home­page: or quick access 214041.

To ensure equal oppor­tun­it­ies bet­ween women and men, app­lic­a­tions by women with the requi­red qual­i­fic­a­tions are expli­citly desi­red. Qual­i­fied indi­vidu­als with dis­ab­il­it­ies will be favo­red. The TU Ber­lin val­ues the diver­sity of its mem­bers and is com­mit­ted to the goals of equal oppor­tun­it­ies.

Tech­nis­che Uni­ver­si­tät Ber­lin - Der Prä­sid­ent - Fak­ultät VI, Insti­tut für Bauin­genieur­wesen, FG Wasser­wirtschaft und Hydro­sys­tem­mod­el­lier­ung, Herrn Prof. Dr. Hinkel­mann, Sekr. TIB1-B14, Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25, 13355 Ber­lin