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Enabling mean­ing­ful con­ver­sa­tions.

Solvemate enables brands to deliver qual­ity cus­tomer ser­vice through mean­ing­ful con­ver­sa­tions. Our cus­tomer ser­vice auto­ma­tion plat­form is powered by smart con­ver­sa­tional AI that allows com­pan­ies to cre­ate chat­bot con­ver­sa­tions so ser­vice teams can focus their expert­ise where it mat­ters most. Solvemate’s unique con­tex­tual con­ver­sa­tion engine learns more quickly, integ­rates more eas­ily and resolves requests faster and more reli­ably than any other chat­bot on the mar­ket. Brands bene­fit from a per­son­al­ized, real-time self-ser­vice exper­i­ence that increases cus­tomer sat­is­fac­tion, reduces costs, and offers action­able cus­tomer ser­vice insights.

Solvemate is trus­ted by brands such as On Run­ning, musicMag­pie, egym, and Just­Park.

Jr. Book­keeper

still va­cant

We are a fast grow­ing AI Start-up with struc­tured book­keep­ing pro­cesses and a ded­ic­ated external tax office part­ner that handles the major­ity of book­keep­ing. However, we need an internal team­mate who would pre­pare the pay­ments & bills, as well as check­ing our monthly fin­an­cials. In this pos­i­tion, you will work dir­ectly with the CEO!

This is a part-time pos­i­tion with flex­ible work­ing hours, with the pos­sib­il­ity of 100% home-office. The time required is ~10-20 hours per week. You can be a min­i­job­ber, a work­ing stu­dent or a part-timer.

Work­ing field:

  • Pre­pare the book­keep­ing input for our tax account­ant
  • Be the point of con­tact for our tax account­ant and employ­ees (but not actu­ally do book­ings - that’s done by the tax account­ant)
  • Intern­ally facing: Work with Spendesk, our 100% digital tool for com­pany expenses & make sure that we have all receipts and that they match the formal cri­teria
  • Extern­ally facing: Work with Charge­bee, our tool for cus­tomer sub­scrip­tion man­age­ment, send invoices to cus­tom­ers and check their pay­ments
  • Check incom­ing invoices and pay them
  • Check the valid­ity of book­ings from the tax account­ant
  • Sup­port in pre­par­ing the investors report­ing and to plan-actual com­par­is­ons


  • You are a cul­tural fit - please read
  • Good (C1/C2) Ger­man skills and flu­ent Eng­lish
  • You are cur­rently study­ing fin­ance / book­keep­ing / con­trolling or have rel­ev­ant know­ledge about the field: double-entry ger­man account­ing is noth­ing new to you
  • Ideally, you know the SKR 03 account­ing frame­work and have worked with DATEV before
  • You love fin­an­cials - words like VAT, deferred liab­il­ity or accru­als excite you
  • You have good excel skills
  • You are very organ­ized and never miss a detail
  • You can make a long-term com­mit­ment (12months+)

What we of­fer:

First and fore­most: the people. You are spend­ing a lot of time with your peers. You should deeply align with our cul­ture deck and under­stand why it is import­ant that we have made it that expli­cit. We are truly work­ing in an atmo­sphere of trans­par­ency, cand­our, and team­work mixed with some curi­os­ity - all com­mit­ted to achieve our long-term big hairy auda­cious goal.

Of course, we also offer flex­ible work­ing hours, full sup­port with home office equip­ment, team lunches and team events!

How to ap­ply:

Please apply dir­ectly at: