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Leib­niz-Zen­trum für Agrar­land­schafts­for­schung e.V. - HR

Natio­nal und Inter­na­tio­nal agie­ren­des For­schungs­zen­trum in der öko­lo­gisch, öko­no­misch und sozial nach­hal­tig in der Land­wirt­schaft der Zukunft zu for­schen

Stu­dent assi­stant (m/f/d)

For pre­pe­ra­tion of a lab expe­ri­ment on plant phos­pho­rus upt­ake


  • Plan­ning, pre­pa­ring and con­duc­ting a labo­ra­tory expe­ri­ment on phos­pho­rus upt­ake by rice plants
  • Hand­ling of radio­iso­to­pes (33P)
  • Solid know­ledge in agri­cul­ture, geo-eco­logy or rela­ted sci­en­ti­fic disci­pli­nes
  • Expe­ri­ence in the work with com­mon office pro­grams and basic sta­tis­ti­cal know­ledge

Er­war­te­te Qua­li­fi­ka­tio­nen:

  • B. Sc. in agri­cul­ture, geo-eco­logy or rela­ted disci­pli­nes
  • Expe­ri­ence working in the labo­ra­tory

Un­ser An­ge­bot:

  • Prac­ti­cal work in the exci­ting rese­arch field of sustainable agri­cul­ture
  • Insight into sci­en­ti­fic prac­tice at a renow­ned, non-uni­ver­sity rese­arch insti­tute
  • Fle­xi­ble working hours
  • The results of the labo­ra­tory expe­ri­ment could be used for pre­pa­ra­tion of a bache­lor or mas­ter the­sis.

Hin­wei­se zur Be­wer­bung:

Women are par­ti­cu­larly encou­ra­ged to apply. App­li­ca­ti­ons from severely dis­ab­led per­sons with equal qua­li­fi­ca­ti­ons are favo­red. App­li­ca­ti­ons are accep­ted in Eng­lish and Ger­man. Please send your app­li­ca­tion pre­fer­a­bly by e-mail (one PDF file, max. 5 MB) with the usual docu­ments, in par­ti­cu­lar CV, proof of qua­li­fi­ca­tion and cer­ti­fi­ca­tes, sta­ting the refe­rence num­ber 46-2020 until 15.07.2020 to:

If you have any ques­ti­ons, please con­tact: Dr. Maire Holz, Tel.: 033432/82-127, Email:

App­li­ca­tion rela­ted docu­ments or exten­sive publi­ca­ti­ons can only be retur­ned if an ade­qua­tely stam­ped enve­lope is atta­ched.

If you apply, we collect and pro­cess your per­so­nal data in accordance with Arti­cles 5 and 6 of the EU GDPR only for the pro­ces­sing of your app­li­ca­tion and for pur­po­ses that result from pos­si­ble future employ­ment with the ZALF. Your data will be dele­ted after six mon­ths.

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