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Every - Lebens­mit­tel / FMCG

Wir sind ein schnell wach­sen­des, jun­ges Start-up, das gesunde, tief­ge­fro­rene Bowls direct-to-con­su­mer ver­treibt. Unsere Gerichte wer­den von füh­ren­den Food-Exper­ten (z.B. Blog­gern) desi­gned, sind plant-based, vol­ler wert­vol­ler Nähr­stoffe und ganz ohne Zusatz­stoffe. Wir möch­ten jeder/m einen gesun­den, nach­hal­ti­gen Life­style ganz ohne Kom­pro­misse und schlech­tes Gewis­sen ermög­li­chen, und das in unter 10 Minu­ten.

Mar­ke­ting Intern - Social Media

Mar­ke­ting and Sales - Influ­en­cer Mar­ke­ting & Col­lab


  • Work tog­e­ther with our team in sales, mar­ke­ting and influ­en­cer col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons.
  • Sup­port the team with iden­ti­fy­ing key influ­en­cers who match our pro­file, sup­port our growth tar­gets and that would like to col­la­bo­rate with us.
  • Initiate con­tract nego­tia­tion with influ­en­cers and/or their agents/mana­gers.
  • Create a good first impres­sion and a build a great rela­ti­ons­hip with the influ­en­cers.
  • Work clo­sely with the BI team to deve­lop pro­prie­tary mea­su­rement and robust repor­ting for influ­en­cer pro­gram across both part­nerships and col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons.

Er­war­te­te Qua­li­fi­ka­tio­nen:

  • You are a curious, fast-lear­ning indi­vi­dual with great inter­per­so­nal skills
  • Excel­lent com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills and the abi­lity to work inde­pendently
  • You get really moti­va­ted by working towards goals and tar­gets
  • Pre­vious expe­ri­ence in mar­ke­ting, sales or e-com­merce as well as con­nec­tions in the influ­en­cer and crea­tor space are a huge plus

Un­ser An­ge­bot:

Working at Every is unlike any other stu­dent job. We’re a young start-up with a pro­noun­ced ambi­tion to shake up the food indus­try. At Every you get the chance to work in an envi­ron­ment with no limi­ta­ti­ons, only pos­si­bi­li­ties. We're pro­blem-sol­vers, dis­rup­ters and early-adop­ters with a strong can-do-atti­tude, offe­ring you huge respon­si­bi­lity and lear­ning oppor­tu­nities. We suc­cess­fully laun­ched our pilot in Decem­ber and are cur­r­ently pre­pa­ring a large, nati­on­wide roll out our impro­ved offe­ring. If you want to be part of this move­ment, join our family and sup­port us to shape the future of healthy food.