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Swarm Mar­ket Rese­arch AI GmbH - künst­li­che Intel­li­genz, Markt­for­schung, Trend­be­ra­tung

Wir sind ein recht erfolg­rei­ches, jun­ges Startup aus Frank­furt. Einer unse­rer Grün­der eröff­net gerade unse­ren neuen Ber­li­ner Stand­ort und sucht dafür noch Kol­le­gin­nen und Kol­le­gen, die ihm hel­fen und ihn unter­stüt­zen, unser Unter­neh­men grö­ßer und bes­ser zu machen.

Teil- bis Vollzeit

Busi­ness Devel­op­ment

Pythia can tell you what product to pro­duce, which color to chose and which word­ing to use.

Work­ing field:

As Busi­ness Devel­op­ment intern/work­ing stu­dent/employee you will sup­port us get­ting in touch with poten­tial cus­tom­ers, con­vert­ing sales oppor­tun­it­ies and explor­ing new busi­ness areas. We will show you how to build a pipeline of qual­i­fied leads and man­age all aspects of the sales cycle, from ini­tial con­tact to clos­ing. You will also get to know our devel­op­ing team to make sure our cus­tomer jour­ney is con­sist­ently pos­it­ive.


Most typ­ic­ally a Uni­versity stu­dent study­ing something with busi­ness, mar­ket­ing or IT.
You are con­fid­ent in work­ing with com­puters, cus­tom­ers and a small, flex­ible team.
You enjoy work­ing inde­pend­ently and have a high drive of pas­sion for what you do.
You are ded­ic­ated, reli­able and super motiv­ated.
IT affin­ity and good skills in MS Office, espe­cially Excel are an advant­age.
Flu­ent at least in Ger­man and Eng­lish.

What we of­fer:

With Pythia we cre­ated an arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence which is pre­dict­ing trends. In basic­ally all sorts of busi­nesses. Glob­ally.
The neural net­work ana­lyses bil­lions of people's online searches and pre­dicts what will be the future demand. Our cus­tom­ers are advert­ising-agen­cies as well as a broad range of retail and con­sumer good com­pan­ies - basic­ally pretty much every­one try­ing to con­quer a mar­ket.

We are two exper­i­enced entre­pren­eurs, hav­ing built com­pan­ies from scratch - from cos­metic brands to hedge-funds. Cur­rently we have a team of 15+ people – a diverse mix­ture of law­yers to math­em­aticians. Our only share­holder is the owner of one the biggest and lead­ing retail com­pan­ies in Europe.

How to ap­ply:

Send me an e-mail: