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Enway GmbH

ENWAY deve­lops the soft­ware stack that enables auto­no­mous ope­ra­ti­ons of ser­vice vehi­cles. Our focus is on waste trucks, street sweepers and muni­ci­pal waste manage­ment. We believe in team­ing up auto­no­mous vehi­cles and human labour to make jobs like street sweeping or trash collec­tion safer, easier and more effi­ci­ent. ENWAY part­ners with vehi­cle pro­du­cers, pri­vate clea­ning firms and muni­ci­pal ser­vice pro­vi­ders.

Fron­tend / UI / UX Engin­eer (Work­ing Stu­dent)

Work­ing field:

Together with us

  • You will design and build a scal­able fron­tend archi­tec­ture to man­age, mon­itor and con­trol our autonom­ous vehicles
  • You will build a simple and clean man­age­ment inter­face for schedul­ing, clean­ing area defin­i­tion, fleet man­age­ment and sim­ilar tasks
  • You will build dynamic inter­faces which visu­al­ize and rep­res­ent data about the cur­rent state of the autonom­ous vehicle such as cam­era data, pos­i­tion, sys­tem health, bat­tery status, etc.
  • You will cre­ate reli­able and safe user inter­faces for inter­act­ing with and send­ing instruc­tions to our autonom­ous vehicles


  • Stu­dent or recent gradu­ate of com­puter sci­ence or related area in Ber­lin (Media, Web Devel­op­ment, etc.)
  • Strong under­stand­ing of JavaS­cript and dynamic fron­tend applic­a­tions
  • Good sense for turn­ing com­plex tasks into simple and eleg­ant work­flows
  • First exper­i­ences in build­ing web fron­tends using web frame­works such as React, Angu­lar, Babel, Webpack, Node.js or sim­ilar
  • First exper­i­ences with backend REST APIs and web­sock­ets
  • First exper­i­ences in work­ing with soft­ware devel­op­ment tools such as Docker, Git, etc.
  • No need to know everything, but need to be will­ing to learn on your own
  • Great enthu­si­asm for robot­ics, soft­ware and a star­tup atmo­sphere
  • Flu­ency in Eng­lish

What we of­fer:

  • Highly inter­est­ing pro­jects
  • Com­pet­it­ive salar­ies
  • 25 days of vaca­tion per year
  • Flat hier­arch­ies
  • High Per­form­ance Com­pany Laptop
  • Lunch & Fit­ness stu­dio sub­sidies
  • Flex­ible work­ing times (Achieve­ment of goals import­ant, not "face time")
  • Cool and vibrant work­ing envir­on­ment at the cen­ter of ground­break­ing innov­a­tion
  • Free­dom and room to develop and imple­ment your own new ideas
  • Many excit­ing team events

How to ap­ply: