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Tech­ni­sche Infor­ma­ti­ons­bi­blio­thek (TIB) - Tech­ni­sche Infor­ma­ti­ons­bi­blio­thek (TIB) - Uni­versity Lib­rary

Act­ing in the capa­city of the Ger­man national lib­rary of sci­ence and tech­no­logy, our for­ward-look­ing ser­vices secure the infra­struc­tural require­ments for provid­ing research­ers in sci­ence and industry with high-qual­ity inform­a­tion and lit­er­at­ure. The ser­vices we offer in our capa­city as a Uni­versity Lib­rary ensure that Leib­niz Uni­versität Han­nover is provided with items loc­ally.

Research Asso­ci­ate

Work­ing field:

The Research Asso­ci­ate will be a mem­ber of the Visual Ana­lyt­ics Research Group (Prof. Dr. Ewerth) in the TIB Research and Devel­op­ment Depart­ment. A PhD thesis can be sup­por­ted. Ini­tial appoint­ment will be for 3 years, start­ing as soon as pos­sible. The work­ing time is 75 % of the reg­u­lar weekly work­ing time (part-time, 29,85 weekly hours).

The can­did­ate’s com­pet­ence area should be squarely rooted in com­puter sci­ence or a related field, they should be able to think cre­at­ively, grasp new know­ledge quickly, be able to com­bine abstract reas­on­ing with con­crete prob­lem solv­ing skills and be inter­ested in mas­ter­ing com­plex chal­lenges.

Your task is to fur­ther develop the SlideWiki plat­form in terms of access­ib­il­ity for users with visual impair­ments. The focus is on the fol­low­ing sub-tasks:

  • Research­ing and imple­ment­ing meth­ods for inform­a­tion extrac­tion from mul­timodal slides:
o Devel­op­ment of image cap­tion­ing algorithms
o Devel­op­ment of meth­ods for the auto­matic eval­u­ation the use­ful­ness of gen­er­ated image cap­tions for the visu­ally impaired
o Devel­op­ment of fur­ther algorithms for inform­a­tion extrac­tion from visual data
  • Test and doc­u­ment­a­tion of the developed soft­ware com­pon­ents
  • Pro­vi­sion of the pro­ject res­ults as Open Source
  • Par­ti­cip­a­tion in the devel­op­ment of a didactic concept
  • Con­tact per­son for pro­ject part­ners in tech­nical mat­ters


  • A Mas­ter degree in a rel­ev­ant field (Com­puter Sci­ence, Math­em­at­ics, Inform­a­tion Sci­ence)
  • Good to very good know­ledge in at least one of the fol­low­ing areas: com­puter vis­ion (image cap­tion­ing, doc­u­ment ana­lysis, machine learn­ing/deep learn­ing) and/or: mul­ti­me­dia retrieval or visual ana­lyt­ics
  • Excel­lent pro­fi­ciency in mod­ern pro­gram­ming lan­guages and mod­ern soft­ware engin­eer­ing meth­od­o­lo­gies, proven team soft­ware devel­op­ment skills
  • Above-aver­age com­mit­ment, solu­tion-ori­ented approach, ini­ti­at­ive and team spirit
  • Inde­pend­ent and struc­tured way of work­ing
  • Excel­lent com­mu­nic­a­tion skills
  • Pro­fi­ciency in spoken and writ­ten Eng­lish and Ger­man
  • Know­ledge in the field of didactics or will­ing­ness to acquire the cor­res­pond­ing skills and know­ledge
  • Will­ing­ness to travel on busi­ness

What we of­fer:

We provide an sci­en­tific­ally and intel­lec­tu­ally inspir­ing envir­on­ment with an entre­pren­eur­ial mind­set embed­ded in a lead­ing tech­nical uni­versity and one of the largest tech­nical inform­a­tion cen­ters being part of Leib­niz Research Asso­ci­ation. Our aim is to provide the envir­on­ment and resources to make the Research Asso­ci­ate suc­cess­ful in their field. There is fund­ing avail­able for equip­ment, con­fer­ence and research visit travel.

How to ap­ply:

Please send your com­plete applic­a­tion with the sub­ject 51/2017 before 6 Decem­ber 2017 to

Tech­nis­che Inform­a­tions­bib­lio­thek (TIB)
Herrn Daniel Eilers
Welfengarten 1 B
30167 Han­nover

or send your com­plete applic­a­tion by email to

Please do not send emails lar­ger than 10 MB. Ques­tions regard­ing the pos­i­tions can be addressed to Prof. Dr. Ralph Ewerth (

TIB provides ideal work­ing con­di­tions, and con­tinu­ously takes action to enable its employ­ees to com­bine career interests with fam­ily life.

Severely dis­abled can­did­ates with com­par­able qual­i­fic­a­tions will be given pref­er­en­tial treat­ment.

We look for­ward to receiv­ing your applic­a­tion.

Please note that your applic­a­tion doc­u­ments will not be returned.

Applic­a­tion and travel costs can­not be reim­bursed.