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Wis­sen­schafts­zen­trum Ber­lin für Sozi­al­for­schung gGmbH - Sozi­al­wis­sen­schaf­ten

Das Wis­sen­schafts­zen­trum Ber­lin für Sozi­al­for­schung (WZB) betreibt pro­blem­ori­en­tierte Grund­la­gen­for­schung. Unter­sucht wer­den Ent­wick­lun­gen, Pro­bleme und Inno­va­ti­ons­chan­cen moder­ner Gesell­schaf­ten. Die For­schung ist theo­rie­ge­lei­tet, pra­xis­be­zo­gen, oft lang­fris­tig ange­legt und meist inter­na­tio­nal ver­glei­chend.

Stu­dent Assis­tant

Work­ing field:

The Wis­sen­schafts­zen­trum Ber­lin für Sozi­al­for­schung gGmbH (WZB Ber­lin Social Sci­ence Centre), Rese­arch Unit “Insti­tu­ti­ons and Politi­cal Ine­qua­lity” (Direc­tor: Prof. Macar­tan Hum­phreys, Ph.D.), is offe­ring a posi­tion for a

Stu­dent Assis­tant

star­ting in Janu­ary 2018 for a dura­tion of six months (with the pos­si­bi­lity of exten­sion) with a weekly working time of up to 19 hours (mini­mum of 12 hours per week).

The unit’s rese­arch focu­ses on the expe­ri­men­tal and other­wise quan­ti­ta­tive study of the politi­cal eco­nomy of ine­qua­lity and infor­mal insti­tu­ti­ons. The suc­cess­ful app­li­cant will work in an excit­ing rese­arch envi­ron­ment with scho­lars from Ger­many, Bra­zil, Colom­bia, Spain, Ire­land, Roma­nia and the United Sta­tes.

The stu­dent assis­tant will in par­ti­cu­lar work for rese­arch pro­jects on social con­tact and inte­reth­nic dis­cri­mi­na­tion led by Alex­an­dra Scacco, Ph.D., on local secu­rity dyna­mics and the politi­cal eco­nomy of peace­ke­eping led by Bernd Beber, Ph.D., and on the cau­ses and chal­len­ges of migra­tion in host and sen­der coun­tries, in par­ti­cu­lar in sub-Saha­ran Africa, led jointly by Alex­an­dra Scacco, Bernd Beber, and other rese­ar­chers in the unit.

Tasks: The stu­dent assis­tant will sup­port the rese­ar­chers of the unit in their rese­arch pro­jects. Duties will include data manage­ment and sta­ti­s­ti­cal ana­ly­ses of panel sur­veys and other kinds of data for­mats, such as field expe­ri­men­tal data collec­ted in nort­hern Nige­ria; Inter­net and lite­ra­ture sear­ches; the crea­tion of gra­phics; assis­tance with pre­sen­ta­tion mate­ri­als; and other rou­tine office tasks.


Requi­re­ments: The stu­dent assis­tant will be an advan­ced Bache­lor or a Mas­ter stu­dent in politi­cal sci­ence, eco­no­mics, socio­logy, sta­ti­s­tics, social policy or rela­ted sub­jects, with excel­lent know­ledge of the Eng­lish lan­guage. The working lan­guage of the rese­arch unit is Eng­lish, and the ability to com­mu­ni­cate effec­tively with both tech­ni­cal and non-tech­ni­cal audi­en­ces is essen­tial. Trai­ning in and expe­ri­ence with sta­ti­s­ti­cal methods are requi­red, as are excel­lent Stata skills. Strong R skills are pre­fer­red. The posi­tion requi­res com­pe­tent hand­ling of MS Office app­li­ca­ti­ons. Know­ledge of LaTeX is desi­ra­ble.

What we of­fer:

Remu­n­e­ra­tion: accord­ing to TV Stud II Ber­lin (Gene­ral agree­ment for stu­dent assis­tants, level II, of the Land Ber­lin; cur­rently 11.24 Euros/hour)

How to ap­ply:

Equally well qua­li­fied disa­b­led app­li­cants will be given pre­fe­rence. The WZB expressly invi­tes women and people with an immi­grant back­ground to apply.

Can­di­da­tes are kindly requested to sub­mit their app­li­ca­tion (let­ter of moti­va­tion, CV) not later than Novem­ber 19, 2017 by Email (one pdf-file) to

Wis­sen­schafts­zen­trum Ber­lin für Sozi­al­for­schung gGmbH
Alex Scacco, Ph.D.