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all­pago GmbH - Fin­an­zdi­enstleister

all­pago ( is a lea­ding pay­ment ser­vice pro­vi­der for Latin Ame­rica, enab­ling e-com­merce mer­chants and pay­ment pro­vi­ders to accept all rele­vant local pay­ment meth­ods through a sin­gle plat­form and API. all­pago’s state-of-the-art tech­no­logy and regu­la­tory know­ledge are used by mer­chants inclu­ding, Getty Images, McA­fee, Pay­lo­gic, Sym­an­tec and Team­viewer to maxi­mize con­ver­sion rates and ensure com­p­li­ant tran­sac­tions with cust­o­m­ers in Latin Ame­rica, and as a ‘last mile’ pay­ment inter­face by lea­ding pay­ment com­pa­nies around the world.

Account Man­ager Intern

all­pago is look­ing for a Ber­lin-based

Work­ing field:

Your Role

  • Assist in mon­it­or­ing account man­age­ment related oper­a­tions
  • Col­lect, select and ana­lyze rel­ev­ant data to draft reports to sup­port the team’s com­mer­cial strategy
  • Act­ively mon­itor the mer­chants KPIs based on facts, fig­ures, and find­ings
  • Build and update data­bases, present­a­tions, and gen­eral rel­ev­ant doc­u­ment­a­tion
  • Ana­lyze pay­ment flows and report improve­ments/bugs to the applic­able teams
  • Act­ively sup­port the account man­age­ment team in coordin­at­ing with other areas the res­ol­u­tion of urgent mat­ters and issues
  • Under­stand the offer­ings and pro­cesses of dif­fer­ent acquir­ing banks and pay­ment meth­ods throughout Latin Amer­ica


Your Pro­file

  • You are look­ing to com­plete a 6-12 month intern­ship as part of your stud­ies in busi­ness, eco­nom­ics, social sci­ences or sim­ilar at a top-tier uni­versity
  • Interest for e-Com­merce, the pay­ments/fintech sec­tor and work­ing in a start-up envir­on­ment
  • Cus­tomer-cent­ric approach and emo­tion­ally intel­li­gent to read between the lines
  • Num­bers are not an abstract set of sym­bols to you but they actu­ally tell you something
  • Work­ing in a highly dynamic envir­on­ment is something that you strive for
  • The phrase “I do it because it has always been done that way” is a total no-go for you
  • Strong team player who has very good inter­per­sonal and cross-cul­tural skills
  • Eng­lish is a must, addi­tional lan­guages such as Span­ish or Por­tuguese are bene­fi­cial
  • Know­ledge of web ser­vices, data­bases, and dis­trib­uted archi­tec­tures

How to ap­ply:

If you are a stu­dent will­ing to join the Ber­lin star­tup scene and to work in a fast mov­ing, innov­at­ive and inter­na­tional envir­on­ment, please send your cover let­ter, CV, and aca­demic records to If you are eli­gible, pas­sion­ate about build­ing long-term busi­ness part­ner­ships and deliver res­ults, we will reach out to you!