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Nota AI GmbH - Ber­lin

We are a fast-grow­ing tech star­tup that focuses on AI model optim­iz­a­tion, and we cre­ated the lead­ing plat­form solu­tion called Net­s­Presso. We offer a diverse range of edge AI solu­tions, includ­ing on-device intel­li­gent trans­port­a­tion sys­tems, facial recog­ni­tion-based access con­trol, and low-powered driver mon­it­or­ing solu­tions for vehicles.

Nota is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and we opened our first sub­si­di­ary in Ber­lin in 2020 with cur­rently 7employ­ees here.

We have acquired a series B fund­ing amount­ing to USD 14.7M in Novem­ber 2022, a year after the series A fund­ing of USD 6.7M. Stone­bridge Ven­tures, LB Invest­ment, DS Asset, Inter­vest, and Com­pany K Part­ners joined the series B fund­ing round. So far, we have raised a total of $23M in invest­ment fund­ing.

We offer unique oppor­tun­it­ies to work on cut­ting edge tech­no­lo­gies related to AI and model com­pres­sion. We value inclus­iv­ity and autonomy and encour­age our team mem­bers to solve prob­lems and share their own opin­ions pro­act­ively.

Machine Learn­ing Researcher - Intern(Prak­tikum)


or Work­ing Stu­dent

Working field:

Core & Research team is involved in per­form­ing research/devel­op­ment for core mod­ules and of Net­s­presso, On-device ML frame­work in Nota AI

In detail, we’re con­duct­ing research/devel­op­ment toward Light­weight AI model for on-device deploy­ment

We’re tar­get­ing AI mod­els with state-of-the-art per­form­ance for dir­ectly imple­ment­ing into Net­s­Presso as well as pub­lish­ing qual­i­fied pub­lic­a­tions AI mod­els. It can allow to dir­ectly util­ize mul­tiple com­puter vis­ion down­stream tasks in Nota AI

Now, we’re act­ively col­lab­or­at­ing with other ML/DL Research Engin­eer, Frame­works Engin­eer, Embed­ded Engin­eer from each mod­ule (Model Searcher, Model Com­pressor, and Model Launcher) at Nota AI


  • Act­ive research and devel­op­ment
  • Exper­i­enced in deep learn­ing model com­pres­sion (Prun­ing, NAS, etc.) High exper­i­ence in Python
  • Imple­ment­a­tion with deep learn­ing frame­works (PyT­orch, MxNet, Tensor­flow, etc.)
  • Abil­ity to research and ana­lyze related pre­ced­ing research papers
  • Good com­mu­nic­a­tion skill
  • High level of per­form­ance eval­u­ation and paper sur­vey

In addi­tion, it would be nice if you bring
  • Exper­i­ence in extra ML tools (e.g. hug­ging­face, mmcv, etc.)
  • Exper­i­ence in ML com­pet­i­tion
  • Exper­i­ence in sub­mit­ting papers related to deep learn­ing model com­pres­sion tech­niques and effi­cient mod­el­ing
  • Exper­i­ence in con­vert­ing AI mod­els into TensorRT, Tensor­Flow Lite, etc.

What we offer:

  • Hands on learn­ing in AI product devel­op­ment, busi­ness shap­ing and pro­cesses
  • Small team with lots of oppor­tun­it­ies to grow and take on respons­ib­il­it­ies
  • Flex­ible and inclus­ive work­ing envir­on­ment

How to apply:

Please send your CV to

Nota AI GmbH col­lects per­sonal inform­a­tion of applic­ants through recruit­ment plat­forms, sub­mis­sion of doc­u­ments by e-mail, and inquir­ies by phone, and in some cases, some inform­a­tion may be col­lec­ted in prin­ted doc­u­ments. If you apply for a job through this recruit­ment plat­form, you are deemed to have agreed to com­pany's 'Pri­vacy Policy for Job Applic­ants'.