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IFW Dres­den e.V. - Solid State and Mater­i­als Research

The Leib­niz Insti­tute for Solid State and Mater­i­als Research Dresden e. V. (IFW Dresden) con­ducts mod­ern mater­i­als research on a sci­entific basis for the devel­op­ment of new and sus­tain­able mater­i­als and tech­nolo-gies. The insti­tute employs an aver­age of 500 people from over 40 nations and, in addi­tion to its sci­entific tasks, is ded­ic­ated to pro­mot­ing young sci­ent­ists and engin­eers. Fur­ther inform­a­tion at:

Postdoc­toral Researcher Pos­i­tion (m/f/d)


Leader quantum optical invest­ig­a­tions using GaAs quantum dot light sources

Working field:

“Leader quantum optical invest­ig­a­tions of GaAs quantum dot light sources for
quantum com­mu­nic­a­tion and met­eor­o­logy”


The Insti­tute for Integ­rat­ive Nanos­ciences (IIN), Leib­niz IFW Dresden e.V. is one of the world lead­ers in the domain of semi­con­ductor quantum light sources and provided pion­eer­ing con­tri­bu­tions to the design, fabri-cation and char­ac­ter­iz­a­tion of self-assembled quantum dots. Quantum dots are a prom­ising plat­form for the real­iz­a­tion of devices of the quantum inter­net, such as sources of entangled photon sources, quantum re-peat­ers and one-way quantum com­put­ing. In order to real­ize these devices, high qual­ity droplet etched GaAs quantum dots with spe­cific prop­er­ties are used. Recently, we have demon­strated single source entan­gle­ment swap­ping and GHz-clocked emis­sion using our lead­ing quantum dot-based entan­gle­ment photon sources. We aim to deepen and diver­sify the invest­ig­a­tions of quantum dot-based quantum inform­a­tion sys­tems and there­fore offer a postdoc­toral pos­i­tion on the topic:

“Leader quantum optical invest­ig­a­tions of GaAs quantum dot light sources for
quantum com­mu­nic­a­tion and met­eor­o­logy”

Your pro­file: We are look­ing for a highly motiv­ated and team-ori­ented young researcher (m/f/d), who holds a doc­toral degree in the phys­ics dis­cip­line of quantum optics (or sim­ilar). Soph­ist­ic­ated know­ledge of experi-men­tal optical and semi­con­ductor quantum sys­tems and in par­tic­u­lar quantum optics of quantum light sources using single photon spec­tro­scopy is required. Sec­ond­ar­ily know­ledge of solid state and quantum phys­ics, data ana­lysis, as well as nano­struc­tur­ing tech­niques is wel­come. The suc­cess­ful can­did­ate (m/f/d) should be inter­ested in exper­i­mental fun­da­mental sci­ences and enjoys prac­tical work. Very good com­mu­nica-tion skills in writ­ten and spoken Eng­lish are required.

What we offer:

Pro­ject descrip­tion: The suc­cess­ful can­did­ate (m/f/d) will be respons­ible for lead­ing a world-class quantum optics labor­at­ory at the IFW Dresden. The can­did­ate (m/f/d) will super­vise the daily work of PhD and mas­ter stu­dents in this lab as well as develop his/her own sci­entific invest­ig­a­tions in the con­text of quantum commu-nic­a­tion net­works. The inten­ded goal of these invest­ig­a­tions in the "Solid-State Quantum Photon­ics" team of Dr. Cas­par Hop­f­mann are, for example: Char­ac­ter­iz­a­tion of highly entangled photon pair sources, entangle-ment swap­ping, quantum memor­ies, quantum fre­quency con­ver­sion, photonic cluster states. The can­did­ate (m/f/d) will be able to develop his/her skills as a young sci­ent­ist (m/f/d) and will per­spect­ively be able to apply his/her own pro­jects. The act­ive par­ti­cip­a­tion of the can­did­ate (m/f/d) in internal and external con­fer-ences, work­shops and sem­inars is expli­citly desired.

Con­di­tions: The employ­ment rela­tion­ship, includ­ing remu­ner­a­tion, is based on the fed­eral Ger­man pub­lic employ­ment stand­ard (TV-L) accord­ing to pay group 13. If the can­did­ate (m/f/d) is suit­ably qual­i­fied, we offer a weekly work­ing time of 40 hours (100%), part-time is pos­sible. The employ­ment is ini­tially lim­ited to 2 years, an exten­sion is pos­sible.

The IFW would like to increase the num­ber of women in the sci­entific field. Qual­i­fied women are there­fore expli­citly invited to apply. Severely dis­abled applic­ants (m/f/d) will be given pref­er­en­tial con­sid­er­a­tion in case of equal suit­ab­il­ity and qual­i­fic­a­tion.

How to apply:

Please send your applic­a­tion with inform­at­ive doc­u­ments (let­ter of motiv­a­tion, cur­riculum vitae, proof of edu­ca­tion, ref­er­ences, etc.) by Septem­ber 30, 2022, exclus­ively in elec­tronic form and in a PDF file (other formats will not be con­sidered), quot­ing the ref­er­ence num­ber 056-22-4320 to:

For tech­nical quer­ies, please con­tact Dr. Cas­par Hop­f­mann: