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Stu­dio Olafur Eli­as­son GmbH - Kunst

The stu­dio team con­sists of spe­cia­li­sed tech­ni­ci­ans, archi­tects, artists, art his­to­ri­ans, cooks, and admi­nis­tra­tors. We work with Eli­as­son to expe­ri­ment, deve­lop, and install art­works, pro­jects, and exhi­bi­ti­ons as well as to com­mu­ni­cate and con­tex­tua­lise his work. We’re a fast-paced team that under­stands the impor­t­ance of slow, in-depth work. We hire highly skil­led team-play­ers, and we value crea­tive thin­kers and doers with a pas­sion for art.


Working field:

Stu­dio Olafur Eli­asson is seek­ing an intern to sup­port the Research and Advocacy team in their day-to-day work, both in research­ing and in more prac­tical tasks.

As an intern, you will help find and sum­mar­ise inform­a­tion on top­ics of imme­di­ate and long-term rel­ev­ance to stu­dio pro­jects, keep­ing track of per­tin­ent and cur­rent issues, and provid­ing back­ground inform­a­tion rel­ev­ant to Eli­asson’s prac­tice and interests. Top­ics include embod­i­ment, more-than-human exist­ence, the cli­mate crisis, cur­rent trends in fem­in­ist and deco­lo­nial the­ory – with par­tic­u­lar focus on rel­ev­ant per­spect­ives from thinkers from a non-West­ern/non-Euro­centric con­text. In addi­tion to research­ing, you will be expec­ted to assist on the prac­tical side of vari­ous ongo­ing pro­jects, provid­ing, for example, pro­duc­tion sup­port and coordin­a­tion.


A back­ground in art the­ory, philo­sophy, journ­al­ism, or sim­ilar cur­riculum that com­bines art, the­ory, and com­mu­nic­a­tions. Enthu­si­asm for and abil­ity to work within a team and in think­ing and pro­du­cing con­tent col­lect­ively. Pro­fi­ciency in using con­tem­por­ary media, tech­no­lo­gic­ally up-to-date, and con­vers­ant with art, archi­tec­ture, and design. You should have excel­lent writ­ing, com­mu­nic­a­tion, research, and organ­isa­tional skills; and be famil­iar with Microsoft Office, Adobe Cre­at­ive Suite, and sim­ilar pro­grammes. You should be highly motiv­ated, attent­ive to details, and able to work con­cur­rently on mul­tiple pro­jects.

The stu­dio lan­guages are Eng­lish and Ger­man, and the main work­ing lan­guage of the Research & Advocacy team is Eng­lish.

Required Com­mit­ment (options):

You can apply for either a full-time or part-time intern­ship.
  • Full time (Monday–Fri­day, 9:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.)
  • Part time (2–3 days a week or half days)

The intern­ship can either be on site (part time or full time), work­ing at a desk in our depart­ment at Stu­dio Olafur Eli­asson in Ber­lin, or remote, in which case you will work part time from wherever you live (out­side of Ger­many), have daily/reg­u­lar check-ins online, and take part in all meet­ings via video calls. In both cases, we work on a shared digital plat­form (Mil­a­n­ote) and via email.
Some flex­ib­il­ity is required if you are based in a time zone far from European Cent­ral Time.

What we offer:


The pos­i­tion is a paid intern­ship, open to stu­dents work­ing towards a bach­elor’s or mas­ter’s degree who are able to invest time in and receive aca­demic credit for the intern­ship.

All nation­al­it­ies are encour­aged to apply. Stu­dio Olafur Eli­asson is com­mit­ted to an inclus­ive employ­ment policy in all areas of the stu­dio, with an expli­cit focus on increas­ing the eth­nic, socioeco­nomic, and gender diversity of the stu­dio.

Applic­ants from non-EU/Schen­gen coun­tries apply­ing for an on-site intern­ship are required to obtain the neces­sary res­id­ency per­mits and visas for an intern­ship in Ger­many; we can offer assist­ance in this pro­cess.

How to apply:

Applic­ants should sub­mit a cover let­ter of no more than 400 words in length and a short CV to