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Leib­niz-Zen­trum All­ge­meine Sprach­wis­sen­schaft (ZAS)

Das Leib­niz-Zen­trum All­ge­meine Sprach­wis­sen­schaft (ZAS) ist ein außer­uni­ver­si­tä­res For­schungs­in­sti­tut des Lan­des Ber­lin, das sich der Erfor­schung der mensch­li­chen Sprach­fä­hig­keit im All­ge­mei­nen und ihrer Aus­prä­gung in Ein­zel­spra­chen wid­met.

Stu­dent assi­stant for a pro­ject in child lan­guage deve­lop­ment

The Leib­niz-Zen­trum All­ge­meine Sprach­wis­sen­schaft (ZAS) is loo­king for a stu­dent assi­stant to under­take tasks for a pro­ject in child lan­guage deve­lop­ment. The pro­ject inves­ti­ga­tes the nar­ra­tive abi­li­ties in Kam-Man­da­rin bilin­gual child­ren ( ).

Working field:

Your tasks
  • tran­scribe, score and code Man­da­rin-speaking child­ren’s nar­ra­tive data
  • assist in con­duc­ting lite­ra­ture rese­arch/review on rese­arch topics rela­ted to the pro­ject
  • per­form any other duties as assi­gned by the pro­ject lea­der or his/her dele­ga­tes


Your pro­file
  • pre­fer­a­bly a good BA degree in Lin­gu­is­tics/Psy­cho­lin­gu­is­tics with rele­vant trai­ning in Man­da­rin syn­tax and child lan­guage deve­lop­ment
  • pre­fer­a­bly a native speaker of Man­da­rin
  • wil­ling to tran­scribe and code mas­sive expe­ri­men­tal data

For­mal requi­re­ments
  • enrol­led as a stu­dent at a Ger­man uni­ver­sity or at a for­eign uni­ver­sity with H+ sta­tus (searcha­ble in the data­base ana­
  • Mas­ter's degree not com­ple­ted

What we offer:

Expec­ted Start Date:
1 Febru­ary 2022

Expec­ted work hours and days:
25 hours per month
A dura­tion of 5 mon­ths is desi­red

How to apply:

If you are inte­rested, please send an e-mail with your app­li­ca­tion docu­ments (cur­ri­cu­lum vitae, cer­ti­fi­ca­tes and proof of aca­de­mic degrees/gra­des; BA stu­dents are requested to send copies of their high school diploma) as a PDF (by 30 Nov 2021) to Dr. Wen­chun Yang (

The Leib­niz-Centre for Gene­ral Lin­gu­is­tics is com­mit­ted to pro­mo­ting equa­lity and diver­sity. The­re­fore, female and dis­ab­led app­li­cants mee­ting the desi­red qua­li­fi­ca­ti­ons are par­ti­cu­larly wel­come.