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50Hertz Trans­mis­sion GmbH

The Elia Group encom­passes two major trans­mis­sion sys­tem oper­at­ors (TSOs) in two European regions: Elia Trans­mis­sion in Bel­gium and 50Hertz Trans­mis­sion, one of the four Ger­man TSOs in north-east Ger­many. Both TSOs oper­ate at the heart of the European elec­tri­city sys­tem as they provide vital links between the vari­ous elec­tri­city pro­du­cers and their 30 mil­lion end users. The Group’s high voltage net­work, with its intric­ately meshed 18,600 km grid, trans­ports the elec­tri­city gen­er­ated by the pro­du­cers to the dis­tri­bu­tion sys­tem oper­at­ors and major indus­trial con­sumers. In addi­tion, inter­con­nect­ors with sev­eral neigh­bor­ing coun­tries allow elec­tri­city trade in wider European energy mar­kets.

Cen­ter of Excel­lence Citi­zen Deve­lop­ment & Digi­tal Work­place - Working stu­dent or intern (f/m/d)


Sup­port to advance the evo­lu­tion of Citi­zen Deve­lop­ment and Digi­tal Work­place in the Elia Group!

Work­ing field:

We are cur­rently set­ting up the Cen­ter of Excel­lence (CoE) for Cit­izen Devel­op­ment. Together with the CoE for Digital Work­place and the CoE AI, we sup­port the busi­ness units within the respect­ive fields in the Elia Group.
Depend­ing on your skills and interests, we can choose some of the fol­low­ing tasks that suit you best and sup­port you in your per­sonal devel­op­ment.

Your tasks:

  • Sup­port our Cit­izen Devel­op­ment team in provid­ing the right digital tools to the busi­ness:
  • Assist in the set-up of the group gov­ernance for Cit­izen Devel­op­ment,
  • Mon­itor the evol­u­tion and test new fea­tures in our exist­ing no-code, low-code and code tools (e.g. PowerBI, PowerApps, PowerAuto­mate, UIPath, Python),
  • Cre­ate Quick-Start Tutori­als & Best-Prac­tices for digital tools with sup­port from our IT experts,
  • Sup­port the busi­ness in choos­ing the right tools for their tasks.
  • Sup­port our Digital Work­place team to estab­lish new ser­vices for a mod­ern work envir­on­ment:
  • Research and test the latest trends in the Digital Work­place envir­on­ment and pre­pare find­ings in reports and present­a­tions,
  • Provide sup­port for Office 365 and other digital tools.
  • Anim­ate the com­munity of prac­tice with stake­hold­ers from the busi­ness and IT,
  • Pro­mote Cit­izen Devel­op­ment and Digital Work­place inside Elia Group via blog art­icles, video tutori­als, etc.,
  • Set-up of an internal inform­a­tion plat­form for all avail­able digital tools.


  • Are a stu­dent, ideally in your advanced Bach­elor’s pro­gramme or at the begin­ning of your Mas­ter's pro­gramme (e.g. busi­ness inform­at­ics, com­mu­nic­a­tion design, com­puter sci­ence, indus­trial engin­eer­ing, adult edu­ca­tion or any related field),
  • Have ini­tial exper­i­ence with any of the fol­low­ing tools: PowerBI, PowerApps, UIPath, Python, Miro, MS Teams etc.,
  • Have ini­tial exper­i­ence with edu­ca­tional con­tent (e.g. web­site design, writ­ing art­icles, edit­ing videos),
  • Have good com­mu­nic­a­tion skills in an inter­na­tional (European) envir­on­ment and with senior man­age­ment,
  • Are highly cre­at­ive, motiv­ated to learn and a team player,
  • Have a high ana­lyt­ical abil­ity com­bined with a sys­tem­atic work­ing approach as well as a high level of self-organ­isa­tion and reli­ab­il­ity,
  • Are pro­fi­cient in Microsoft Office (esp. Excel and Power­Point).
  • Are flu­ent in Eng­lish.

Addi­tional lan­guages such as Ger­man, French or Dutch are a plus.

What we of­fer:

  • Inter­est­ing, chal­len­ging tasks in a friendly and inter­na­tional envir­on­ment,
  • The oppor­tun­ity to take over respons­ib­il­ity and to show your strengths quickly,
  • The chance to gain valu­able pro­fes­sional exper­i­ence dur­ing your study,
  • The oppor­tun­ity to get to know a com­pany of the energy industry closely,
  • Sev­eral employee bene­fits and social ser­vices,
  • Flex­ible work­ing hours with 37h as an intern (f/m/d) and up to 20h as a work­ing stu­dent (f/m/d),
... and a beau­ti­ful work­ing envir­on­ment at Ber­lin Main Sta­tion near the river Spree as well as the pos­sib­il­ity to work from home.

How to ap­ply:

We have adap­ted our recruit­ing pro­cess accord­ing to the cur­rent situ­ation and are con­duct­ing any upcom­ing job inter­views in the form of tele­phone and video inter­views.

We are look­ing for­ward to your com­plete applic­a­tion includ­ing your earli­est date of entry. Applic­a­tions are pos­sible only in Eng­lish lan­guage. Please include the tasks you are inter­ested as well the top­ics you would like to learn. Please apply by 08.08.2021 using our online applic­a­tion form.

We wel­come applic­a­tions from people with dis­ab­il­it­ies. The 50Hertz rep­res­ent­a­tion for severely dis­abled per­sons will be happy to advise you in a con­fid­en­tial man­ner. You can reach them by e-mail:

50Hertz Trans­mis­sion GmbH – ein Unterneh­men der europäis­chen Elia Group
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