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Uni­ver­si­tät der Künste Ber­lin - UdK Ber­lin Career Col­lege / Zen­tral­in­sti­tut für Wei­ter­bil­dung

Die UdK Ber­lin zählt zu den größ­ten, viel­sei­tigs­ten und tra­di­ti­ons­reichs­ten künst­le­ri­schen Hoch­schu­len der Welt. Ihr Zen­tral­in­sti­tut für Wei­ter­bil­dung (ZIW) mit sei­ner Marke UdK Ber­lin Career Col­lege bie­tet eine in Deutsch­land ein­zig­ar­tige Band­breite an uni­ver­si­tä­ren Wei­ter­bil­dungs­an­ge­bo­ten im künst­le­risch-krea­ti­ven Bereich. Mit vier wei­ter­bil­den­den Mas­ter­stu­di­en­gän­gen, zahl­rei­chen Zer­ti­fi­kats­kur­sen, Som­mer­uni­ver­si­tä­ten und auf die Bedürf­nisse von Unter­neh­men zuge­schnit­te­nen Hands-on-Ses­si­ons rich­tet sich das ZIW an Akteure der Kul­tur- und Krea­tiv­wirt­schaft und alle, die sich auf uni­ver­si­tä­rem Niveau mit krea­ti­ven Mit­teln und in einem krea­ti­ven Umfeld wei­ter­bil­den wol­len. Inno­va­tive Wei­ter­bil­dungs­an­sätze ver­knüp­fen künst­le­ri­sche und krea­tive Kom­pe­ten­zen mit wirt­schaft­li­chen The­men.

student assistant for event organization/communication

Work­ing field:

One student assistant position is open for event organization/communication at the Berlin Career College of the University of the Arts Berlin. The position is available until December 2021 with the option of a renewal, which is subject to funding approval.
The project ARTIST TRAINING, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Dr. Schildhauer, is a qualification program offered by the UdK Berlin Career College aimed at the qualification, consulting, and networking of artists in exile. Since 2016, 38 modules have provided information and contacts for about 400 participants from the following fields: music, fine arts, performing arts, film and at the beginning culture and media. Otherwise there are networking events and consulting sessions. Since 2020 three partners (Babelsberg, Hamburg, Hannover) have offered videos, workshops, excursions and consulting sessions about the basics of freelancing. The project’s goals are networking within the cultural and creative industries by getting to know key figures in the institutions, self-establishment on the labor market and the respective strategic positioning in regard to artistic orientation. Additionally, there is a weekly consulting session, which was introduced in 2019.

− The support for course and program management in the preparation and implementation of the lessons/courses as well as accompanying measures (literature/internet research, communication with participants, measures to announce the events, room preparation, support in evaluating the event, and so on)
− Support in the production of content for communication channels


Support for course and program management:
− Experience in diversity in the cultural and educational fields
− Knowledge of lesson/course preparation and implementation
− Language skills: fluent in German and English. Arabic or Farsi are also welcome.

− Research work and support in the production of content for communication work
− Knowledge of Social Media
− Knowledge of InDesign and Photoshop is preferable

How to ap­ply:

Please send your questions and applications with a letter of motivation and CV until 7 June 2021 to the following email address: