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Fritz-Haber-Insti­tut der Max-Planck-Gesell­schaft - Struc­tural & Elec­tronic Sur­face Dynam­ics group (

The Fritz Haber Insti­tute (FHI) in Ber­lin-Dah­lem is one of the old­est and most renowned re-search insti­tutes within the Max Planck Soci­ety (MPG), Ger­many's most suc­cess­ful sci­entific organ­iz­a­tion. At the FHI, research­ers from all over the world are engaged in basic research in the field of chem­ical phys­ics at inter­faces and sur­faces, cata­lysis research and molecu­lar phys­ics.

Stu­dent assist­ant pos­i­tion: Devel­op­ment of a metadata stand­ard for mater­i­als spec­tro­scopy data

Work­ing field:

Your task is to develop a metadata stand­ard and rep­res­ent­a­tion for the data gen­er­ated in ARPES and related exper­i­ments. The out­come will be integ­rated into our exist­ing plat­form and used to cre­ate a machine-read­able online archive to be used for devel­op­ing data-driven approaches to under­stand­ing band struc­ture data (see a demo entry).
The pro­ject aims to reach a broad com­munity of pho­toe­mis­sion sci­ent­ists through a uni­fy­ing metadata stand­ard based on the HDF5/NeXus data struc­ture. The metadata stand­ard and its demo use cases will be fea­tured on a web­site cur­rently under con­struc­tion, and the stu­dent assis-tant will be act­ively involved in cur­at­ing the web­site and the com­munity dis­cus­sion. The assist­ant will also play a role in devel­op­ing the rel­ev­ant APIs and visu­al­iz­a­tion meth­ods for inter­act­ing with mul­ti­di­men­sional ARPES data, with the sup­port of sci­ent­ists and data sci­ent­ists in the group and the depart­ment at FHI.


The applic­ant should have atten­ded or be enrolled in a uni­versity-level course in Com­puter sci­ence, Phys­ics, Math­em­at­ics or closely related fields. Can­did­ates with a strong back­ground in at least one of the fol­low­ing areas are pre­ferred:
  • Python cod­ing
  • Hand­ling of large data­sets
  • Know­ledge of data­bases or exper­i­ence in web devel­op­ment

What we of­fer:

The pos­i­tion is ini­tially lim­ited to a 6 months part-time (60 h/month) con­tract, which may be exten­ded upon review of the pro­ject status. The hourly wage is EUR 12.00 for under­gradu­ate stu­dents and EUR 13.95 for stu­dents hold­ing a bach­elor's degree.

How to ap­ply:

Applic­a­tions for this pos­i­tion are only accep­ted via our online applic­a­tion portal