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Adec­cco Group Tech­no­logy Cen­ter GmbH - IT/Digital/HR

Adecco Group is one of the world’s lead­ing HR solu­tions com­pany.
We believe in mak­ing the future work for every­one, and every day empower 3.5 mil­lion careers.
We inspire, skill, develop and hire in 60 coun­tries, enabling indi­vidu­als and organ­iz­a­tions to embrace the future of work.

As the tal­ent mar­ket in which we oper­ate con­tinue its rapid change, can­did­ate and cli­ent expect­a­tions are evolving Adecco is evolving with them and to do so is invest­ing in new digital and tech­no­logy innov­a­tion.
That’s why the tech­no­logy cen­ter in Ber­lin was born in Janu­ary 2020 and it employ­ees already more than 90 inter­na­tional col­leagues com­mit­ted in cre­at­ing, design­ing and devel­op­ing the IT and digital solu­tions and exper­i­ences that Adecco will offer to can­did­ates and cli­ents in the future.

In the Adecco Group Tech­no­logy Cen­ter in Ber­lin our Product, Data & AI and IT organ­iz­a­tions come together to drive the trans­form­a­tion of the Adecco Group into a digital com­pany.

Product Mar­ket­ing Video Intern / Work­ing Stu­dent


As our Product Mar­ket­ing Video Intern, you will help us pro­duce a range of product videos geared toward an internal and external audi­ence in 60 coun­tries glob­ally. The videos will be both edu­ca­tional and serve to high­light the value to cli­ents and can­did­ates. The role requires someone who is a self-starter, organ­ized and cre­at­ive when it comes to pro­du­cing qual­ity videos with lim­ited resources. Within the team, we work fast and effi­ciently, and we encour­age you to be pro­act­ive in pitch­ing your own video ideas based on your unique eye and skill­set.

Work­ing field:

  • Pro­duce qual­ity videos in cre­at­ive ways using lim­ited assets
  • Lever­age a com­bin­a­tion of stock video, screen record­ings and anim­a­tion ele­ments to visu­ally con­vey brand mes­sages
  • Tell stor­ies with video that match our brand, elab­or­ate on our product port­fo­lio and keep a human-cent­ric focus throughout
  • Col­lab­or­ate within the team to develop rel­ev­ant and com­pet­it­ive video con­tent
  • Assist with daily admin­is­trat­ive tasks
  • Cre­ate GIFs for tech­nical product walk­throughs
  • Ideate game-chan­ging pro­jects with product mar­ket­ing team based on your unique exper­i­ence with video


  • Full or part-time stu­dent work­ing toward degree in mar­ket­ing or rel­ev­ant field
  • Must be eli­gible to receive uni­versity credit and com­mit to 20 hours per week for 3 months
  • Tech­nical skills for story­board­ing, script writ­ing, video edit­ing and anim­a­tion
  • Self-starter men­tal­ity; able to drive own video ini­ti­at­ives to sup­port wider product mar­ket­ing goals
  • Reli­able with good organ­iz­a­tional skills to make sure all cre­ated con­tent is access­ible to the right coun­ter­parts
  • Pas­sion­ate about visual storytelling and com­ing up with cre­at­ive ways to deliver qual­ity videos

What we of­fer:

You will be part of an engaged and motiv­ated team of inter­na­tional col­leagues, that will involve you from day in chal­len­ging and excit­ing pro­jects.
You will be trained on the job by exper­i­enced man­agers that will guide you throughout the exper­i­ence and enable you to evolve and enrich your skills.

How to ap­ply:

Are you ready for a chal­lenge? Then apply to join our team by send­ing your cv and a short ( 30 to 90 seconds) video intro­du­cing your­self and telling us who you are to
We are look­ing for cre­at­ive and innov­at­ive idea, so feel free to express your­self how you bet­ter see fit!