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IHP GmbH - Leib­niz-Insti­tut für inno­va­tive Mikro­elek­tro­nik - Tech­no­logy

IHP is an insti­tute of the Leib­niz Asso­ci­ation and con­ducts research and devel­op­ment of sil­icon-based sys­tems and ultra high-fre­quency cir­cuits and tech­no­lo­gies includ­ing new mater­i­als. It devel­ops innov­at­ive solu­tions for applic­a­tion areas such as wire­less and broad­band com­mu­nic­a­tion, secur­ity, med­ical tech­no­logy, industry 4.0, auto­mot­ive industry, and aerospace. IHP employs approx­im­ately 330 people. It oper­ates a pilot line for tech­no­lo­gical devel­op­ments and the pre­par­a­tion of high-speed cir­cuits with 0.13/0.25 μm BiC­MOS tech­no­lo­gies, loc­ated in a 1000 m² class 1 clean­room.

The pilot line requires ret­icles which are stra­tegic­ally placed and ordered from an external pro­vider. In this con­text you will join the data pre­par­a­tion team to help with the invest­ig­a­tion of optim­iz­a­tion of the order­ing pro­cess.

Mas­ter pro­ject: Optim­iz­a­tion of pho­to­mask spe­cific­a­tion pro­cess in an advanced SiGe-BiC­MOS tech­no­logy

Work­ing field:

  • Devel­op­ing a cal­cu­la­tion tool based on Microsoft office to sup­port the optim­iz­a­tion of pho­to­mask order­ing in a semi­con­ductor research & pro­to­typ­ing pilot line
  • Col­lect­ing, struc­tur­ing and report­ing data, then pro­pos­ing a model to optim­ize pho­to­masks spe­cific­a­tions and cost


  • Bach­elor degree or equi­val­ent in the field of micro­elec­tron­ics or semi­con­duct­ors or another rel­ev­ant field
  • Curi­os­ity and pro­activ­ity on a tech­nical topic
  • Basic know­ledge of semi­con­ductor tech­no­logy
  • Know­ledge in Microsoft office tools
  • Flu­ency in either Eng­lish or Ger­man, hand­ling both lan­guages will help to carry a suc­cess­ful invest­ig­a­tion

What we of­fer:

The pos­i­tion offers the fol­low­ing oppor­tun­it­ies:
  • Learn­ing the pro­cess of pho­to­mask fab­ric­a­tion, invest­ig­at­ing and under­stand­ing its chal­lenges
  • Learn­ing about litho­graphy pro­cesses and under­stand­ing their chal­lenges
  • Inter­act­ing with dif­fer­ent groups to gather inform­a­tion and data related to the topic of research

You have the pos­sib­il­ity to work in a dynamic and mul­tina­tional research insti­tute for micro­elec­tron­ics with flex­ible work­ing hours. Com­bine your the­or­et­ical know­ledge from uni­versity with prac­tical work­ing exper­i­ence.

IHP aims to achieve a bal­anced gender com­pos­i­tion in the work­force. Dis­abled applic­ants, qual­i­fied accord­ing to the above cri­teria, will be given pref­er­ence over other can­did­ates with equi­val­ent rel­ev­ant qual­i­fic­a­tions.

How to ap­ply:

Have we sparked your interest? Then we look for­ward to receiv­ing your applic­a­tion via our online applic­a­tion form.

For fur­ther inform­a­tion regard­ing the pos­i­tion please con­tact Dr. René Scholz: