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Tech­ni­sche Uni­ver­si­tät Dres­den - Cen­ter for Mole­cu­lar and Cel­lu­lar Bio­en­gi­nee­ring (CMCB), Bio­tech­no­logy Centre (BIO­TEC)

The TU Dres­den is one of ele­ven Ger­man uni­ver­si­ties that were iden­ti­fied as an “excel­lence uni­ver­sity”. TUD has about 36.500 stu­dents and almost 5319 employees, 507 pro­fes­sors among them, and, thus, is the lar­gest uni­ver­sity in Sax­ony, today.

Having been com­mit­ted to sci­en­ces and the engi­nee­ring before the reuni­fi­ca­tion of Ger­many, TU Dres­den now is a multi-disci­pline uni­ver­sity, also offe­ring huma­nities and social sci­en­ces as well as medi­cine.

Rese­arch Asso­ciate as Micro­st­ruc­ture Core Faci­lity Lea­der

(Sub­ject to per­so­nal qua­li­fi­ca­tion employees are remu­ne­ra­ted accord­ing to salary group E 13 TV-L)
The pro­ject posi­tion is star­ting as soon as pos­si­ble to lead the Micro­st­ruc­ture Core Faci­lity wit­hin the CMCB Tech­no­logy Plat­form. The posi­tion is limi­ted until 30.06.2021. The period of employ­ment is gover­ned by § 2 (2) Fixed Term Rese­arch Con­tracts Act (Wis­sen­schafts­zeit­ver­trags­ge­setz - WissZeitVG).
The CMCB is a cen­tral aca­de­mic unit of the TU Dres­den and the admi­nis­tra­tive roof for three indi­vi­dual rese­arch insti­tu­tes, BIO­TEC, B CUBE and CRTD. The BIO­TEC is an inter­di­sci­pli­nary rese­arch centre that deve­lops inno­va­tive tech­no­lo­gies dri­ving the pro­gress of modern life sci­en­ces in the areas of mole­cu­lar cell and deve­lop­men­tal bio­logy, phy­si­cal bio­logy, and com­pu­ta­tio­nal bio­logy. This syn­ergy bet­ween tech­no­logy deve­lop­ment and basic rese­arch dri­ves the sustai­ned suc­cess of basic, app­lied, and trans­la­tio­nal rese­arch at the insti­tute. The offe­red posi­tion wit­hin the Micro­st­ruc­ture Core Faci­lity is part of the EFRE fun­ded pro­ject “Mole­ku­la­res Bio­en­gi­nee­ring von Pro­te­inen, Zel­len und Gewe­ben” to sup­port the deve­lop­ment of the CMCB Tech­no­logy Plat­form, which makes state-of-the-art tech­no­lo­gies avail­able to the CMCB, the TU Dres­den cam­pus and DRES­DEN-con­cept part­ners.

Work­ing field:

The can­di­date will inde­pendently lead and sup­port the pro­ject, which has the aim to improve and deve­lop the Micro­st­ruc­ture Core Faci­lity to expand con­cepts of sci­en­ti­fic ser­vices offe­red by the faci­lity. Ide­ally, the can­di­date will con­duct and guide expe­ri­ments and set-ups in the rese­arch areas of mate­rial sci­ence, micro­fa­bri­ca­tion and micro­flui­dics. The fabri­ca­tion of micro­st­ruc­tu­red sur­faces on sili­con, pho­to­re­sist and poly­mer using pho­to­li­tho­gra­phy, soft-litho­gra­phy, UV-NIL or ther­mal eva­po­ra­tion and the cha­rac­te­ri­za­tion of sur­face topo­gra­phy by pro­filo­me­ter and inter­fe­ro­me­ter have to be cove­red. Tasks also include the con­trol of sur­face che­mi­stry, topo­gra­phy and stiff­ness by using micro­fa­bri­ca­tion tech­no­logy on dif­fe­rent poly­me­ric mate­ri­als, mostly hydro­gels and elas­to­mers. The can­di­date is respon­si­ble for the design, fabri­ca­tion and opti­mi­za­tion of micro­flui­dic devices for bio­lo­gi­cal and bio­phy­si­cal app­li­ca­ti­ons as well as the con­trol of liquid flow in a net­work of micro­chan­nels by using exter­nal val­ves, flow sen­sors and syrin­ges or pres­su­ri­zed pumps. Even­tually the deve­lo­ped methods and set-ups should be made acces­si­ble to a wide group of users and app­li­ca­ti­ons. Run­ning of the Core Faci­lity, manage­ment of tech­ni­cal assi­s­tance and gui­d­ance for users is an essen­tial part of the job.


We are see­king a highly moti­va­ted can­di­date with a uni­ver­sity degree and a Ph.D. in Phy­sics, Bio­phy­sics, Engi­nee­ring or Mate­rial Sci­en­ces or rela­ted sub­jects. A strong back­ground in mate­rial sci­ence, micro­fa­bri­ca­tion and/or micro­flui­dics is requi­red. Expe­ri­ence in clean room pro­ces­ses, micro­fa­bri­ca­tion tech­no­lo­gies on orga­nic and inor­ga­nic mate­ri­als as well as cha­rac­te­ri­za­tion of sur­face topo­gra­phy by pro­filo­me­ter and inter­fe­ro­me­ter are highly desi­ra­ble. Pre­vious expe­ri­ence working wit­hin a Core Faci­lity envi­ron­ment is desi­ra­ble but not essen­tial. Abi­lity to work in a mul­ti­di­sci­pli­nary envi­ron­ment and moti­va­tion to explore and deve­lop new tech­ni­ques and con­cepts are essen­tial. The can­di­date should work inde­pendently, show self-initia­tive and manage a faci­lity in terms of instru­ments main­ten­ance, sci­en­ti­fic col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons, and adver­ti­se­ment. Excel­lent com­mu­ni­ca­tio­nal skills and flu­ency in Eng­lish are necessary for this posi­tion.

What we of­fer:

The Micro­st­ruc­ture Core Faci­lity is part of the CMCB Tech­no­logy Plat­form. More infor­ma­tion can be found here:
App­li­ca­ti­ons from women are par­ti­cu­larly wel­come. The same app­lies to people with disa­bi­li­ties.

How to ap­ply:

Please sub­mit your com­pre­hens­ive applic­a­tion includ­ing the usual doc­u­ments prefer­ably via the TU Dresden Secure­Mail Portal by send­ing it as a single pdf-doc­u­ment to by 11.06.2019 (stamped arrival date applies) or by mail to:

TU Dresden
Frau Janett Schuster
Tatzberg 47/49
01307 Dresden.

Please sub­mit cop­ies only, as your applic­a­tion will not be returned to you. Expenses incurred in attend­ing inter­views can­not be reim­bursed.

Ref­er­ence to data pro­tec­tion: Your data pro­tec­tion rights, the pur­pose for which your data will be pro­cessed, as well as fur­ther inform­a­tion about data pro­tec­tion is avail­able to you on the web­site: https: //­ri­ere/datens­chutzh­in­weis