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Cha­rité-Uni­ver­si­täts­me­di­zin Ber­lin - Ber­lin-Bran­den­burg Cen­ter for Rege­ne­ra­tive The­ra­pies

Das BCRT wurde 2006 als Alli­anz der Char­ité-Uni­versitätsmed­izin Ber­lin und der Helm­holtz-Gemeinsch­aft gegrün­det. Mehr als 250 Mit­arbeiter – Ärzte, Natur­wis­senschaftler, Trans­la­tion­sex­per­ten, Ingenieure, Dok­t­or­anden und tech­nis­che Mit­arbeiter – forschen und arbeiten an den zwei Stan­dorten des BCRT: am Insti­tutsge­bäude Süd des Cam­pus Virchow-Klinikum der Char­ité und am Cam­pus Teltow des Insti­tuts für Bio­ma­ter­i­alforschung der Helm­holtz-Zen­trums Geesthacht GmbH.

The effect of Focused Low-Intens­ity Pulsed Ultra­sound (FLIPUS) on the dia­log between osteo­cytes and tumor cells. Can mech­an­ical stim­u­la­tion inhibit meta­stases?


Work­ing field:

Bio­chem­istry, Bio­tech­no­logy, Bio­phys­ics, Bioen­gin­eer­ing, Med­ical Engin­eer­ing


The aim of this pro­ject is to invest­ig­ate whether stim­u­la­tion of osteo­cytes with Focused Low-Intens­ity Pulsed Ultra­sound (FLIPUS) - a thera­peutic tech­nique enhan­cing bone regen­er­a­tion - can pre­vent the invas­ive­ness of breast and pro­state can­cer cells in vitro. For this pur­pose, co-cul­ture exper­i­ments of osteo­cytes and breast/pro­state can­cer cell lines will be per­formed with sub­sequent stim­u­la­tion with FLIPUS. Migra­tion of the can­cer cells after the mech­an­ical treat­ment will be eval­u­ated by scratch-wound, trans-well, and Boy­den cham­ber assays. The bio­molecu­lar mech­an­isms behind the find­ings will be fur­ther examined.
For this work we are look­ing for a highly motiv­ated stu­dent with a bio­tech­no­logy/ bio­chem­istry/ bioen­gin­eer­ing back­ground. The applic­ants are expec­ted to have good know­ledge of mam­malian cell cul­tur­ing and bio­chem­ical func­tional assays. Pre­vi­ous exper­i­ence with these tech­niques is favor­able but not required.

What we of­fer:

We are a mul­tina­tional team of inter­dis­cip­lin­ary sci­ent­ists, work­ing on novel mus­cu­lo­skeletal tis­sue-tar­geted ima­ging and thera­peutic approaches.

How to ap­ply:

Please send CV to if inter­ested in this pro­ject and do not hes­it­ate to ask if you have any ques­tions!

Start­ing date: as soon as pos­sible.