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RWTH Aachen - Sprachenzentrum

The Language Center at RWTH Aachen University offers members of the university innovative and academic language courses in German as a Foreign Language and in 15 foreign languages. We are an intercultural and open-minded team. The teaching staff, which consists predominantly of native speakers, has three primary tasks: the enhancement of the international mobility of RWTH students in their academic studies and careers; the integration of international students and researchers from partner universities; and the development of practice-oriented courses that take into account the specialization in engineering and natural sciences of RWTH Aachen University in both research and teaching. 

Research Assistant/Associate

Work­ing field:

Pre­pa­ra­tion, teaching and eva­lua­tion of skills-based lan­guage cour­ses in Eng­lish for Rese­ar­chers, Eng­lish for Admi­nis­tra­tive Staff, Eng­lish for Aca­de­mic Pur­po­ses, Eng­lish for Spe­cial Pur­po­ses, as deter­mi­ned by the depart­mental head and in accor­dance with the Com­mon Euro­pean Frame­work of Refe­rence for Lan­gua­ges.

  • Weekly teaching load of 25 teaching units (1 teaching unit is 45 minu­tes) per week (40 weeks p.a.) as well as les­son pre­pa­ra­tion and mar­king of assi­gn­ments
  • Pre­pa­ra­tion and revi­sion of les­son plans, fur­ther trai­ning and other duties (approx. 6 weeks p.a.)
  • Obli­ga­tion to attend fur­ther trai­ning ses­si­ons and par­ti­ci­pate in qua­lity manage­ment mea­su­res (e.g. class­room obser­va­tion)
  • Assis­tance with the run­ning and eva­lua­tion of pla­ce­ment tests
  • Assis­tance with the design, run­ning and cor­rec­tion of oral and writ­ten exams
  • If necessary, design of cust­o­mi­zed course mate­rial with a cor­re­spon­ding reduc­tion in teaching load

The allo­ca­tion of teaching duties will be deter­mi­ned by the head of the Eng­lish depart­ment accord­ing to the can­di­da­tes‘ areas of exper­tise.


  • Mas­ter’s degree in a rele­vant sub­ject or equi­va­lent qua­li­fi­ca­tion
  • native or near-native Eng­lish com­pe­tence
  • expe­ri­ence in teaching Eng­lish in ter­tiary edu­ca­tion to diverse tar­get groups (stu­dents, rese­ar­chers, post­gra­dua­tes, pro­fes­sors, admi­nis­tra­tive staff)
  • inter­cul­tu­ral com­pe­tence, fle­xi­bi­lity and ability to work in a team
  • metho­do­lo­gi­cal and didac­tic skills and expe­ri­ence
  • good working know­ledge of Ger­man

Of bene­fit:

  • teaching expe­ri­ence at all levels of the CEFR
  • expe­ri­ence in using tech­no­logy in the for­eign lan­guage class­room in ter­tiary edu­ca­tion (e.g. expe­ri­ence of using vir­tual learning envi­ron­ments)
  • expe­ri­ence in course mate­ri­als design
  • expe­ri­ence in coa­ching lan­guage lear­ners

What we of­fer:

The posi­tion is per­ma­nent and is to be fil­led by Octo­ber 1, 2018. This is a full-time posi­tion.

The salary cor­re­sponds to level TV-L 13.

RWTH Aachen Uni­ver­sity is cer­ti­fied as a "Family-Fri­endly Uni­ver­sity". We par­ti­cu­larly wel­come and encou­rage app­li­ca­ti­ons from women, disa­b­led per­sons and eth­nic mino­rity groups, reco­gni­zing they are under­re­pre­sen­ted across RWTH Aachen Uni­ver­sity. The prin­ci­ples of fair and open com­pe­ti­tion apply and appoint­ments will be made on merit.

How to ap­ply:

For further details, please contact
Dr. Petra Pointner
Tel.: +49 (0) 241 80-94765
Fax: +49 (0) 241 80-92342

For further information, please visit our website at:

Please send your application by June 29, 2018 to
Sprachenzentrum der RWTH Aachen
Eilfschornsteinstr. 15
52056 Aachen

You can also send your application via email to Please note, however, that communication via unencrypted e-mail poses a threat to confidentiality as it is potentially vulnerable to unauthorized access by third parties.