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Leib­niz-Insti­tut für Fest­kör­per- und Werk­stoff­for­schung Dres­den e.V.

The Leib­niz Insti­tute for Solid State and Mate­ri­als Rese­arch Dres­den – in short IFW – is a legally and eco­no­mi­cally inde­pen­dent rese­arch insti­tu­tion and a mem­ber of the Leib­niz Asso­cia­tion. The five insti­tu­tes of the IFW ope­rate in joint rese­arch pro­grams (in four fields: func­tio­nal mate­ri­als, quan­tum mate­ri­als, nanos­cale mate­ri­als, towards pro­ducts) and have the level of equip­ment, which befits an inter­na­tio­nally lea­ding rese­arch faci­lity.
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PhD posi­tion - Dok­to­ran­den­stelle

Inves­ti­ga­tion of nano­struc­tu­red ther­mo­electric thin films towards app­li­ca­tion

Work­ing field:

Con­trolled struc­tur­ing of mater­i­als in the nano and/or micro­meter scale enables new oppor­tun­it­ies to enhance the fig­ure of merit of ther­mo­elec­tric mod­ules to address the emer­ging topic of waste-heat recov­ery. The defined inclu­sion of nan­o­particles in ther­mo­elec­tric thin films gives access to select­ively modify the phonon and charge trans­port in mater­i­als to enhance their effi­ciency. In this pro­ject we want to study the influ­ence of nanoin­clu­sions on the ther­mo­elec­tric prop­er­ties to fab­ric­ate highly effi­cient thin film ther­mo­elec­tric mod­ules.

Job descrip­tion
  • Sput­ter depos­ition of nano­struc­tured thin films with nanoin­clu­sions
  • Tem­per­at­ure and mag­netic field depend­ent trans­port char­ac­ter­iz­a­tion
  • Struc­tural and chem­ical ana­lyses by XRD, SEM, TEM and EDX
  • Cor­rel­a­tion between crys­tal­line, elec­tronic and trans­port prop­er­ties
  • Under­stand­ing the phys­ical mech­an­isms to tune ther­mo­elec­tric trans­port prop­er­ties of the nano­struc­tured bulk mater­i­als
  • Fab­ric­a­tion of ther­mo­elec­tric thin film mod­ules using sim­u­la­tion based design optim­iz­a­tion

For fur­ther inform­a­tion, please con­tact: Dr. Gabi Schi­ern­ing ( or Dr. Heiko Reith (


Your pro­file:
We are see­king highly moti­va­ted app­li­cants with a uni­ver­sity degree (Mas­ter / Diploma) in phy­sics, mate­ri­als sci­ence (major in elec­tro­nic mate­ri­als pro­per­ties), electri­cal engi­nee­ring or a rele­vant sub­ject, who are inte­rested in inter­di­sci­pli­nary, app­lied rese­arch and crea­tively cont­ri­bute their own ideas into the team. Good com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills in Eng­lish (spo­ken and writ­ten) are expec­ted.

What we of­fer:

The Insti­tute for Metal­lic Mate­ri­als offers a Doc­to­ral Rese­ar­cher Posi­tion (female/male) in the Depart-ment of Ther­mo­electric Mate­ri­als and Devices, star­ting July, 2018.

The employ­ment con­tract is limi­ted to 12 months with the pos­si­bi­lity of rene­wal for 2 more years. The salary is based upon the TV-L rules (TV-L 13, 50%).
PhD can­di­da­tes are faci­li­ta­ted to par­ti­ci­pate in the PhD pro­gram to suc­cess­fully com­plete their dis-ser­ta­tion. We offer an attrac­tive work place with excel­lent faci­li­ties and envi­ron­ment in Dres­den.

The IFW would like to increase the pro­por­tion of women in sci­ence. Qua­li­fied women are the­re­fore expli­citly invi­ted to apply. Sever­ely disa­b­led app­li­cants are given pre­fe­ren­tial tre­at­ment if they have the same qua­li­fi­ca­ti­ons.

How to ap­ply:

App­li­ca­tion inclu­ding a CV, a moti­va­tion let­ter descri­bing the rese­arch career goals, skills and experi-ence, copies of cer­ti­fi­ca­tes should be sent cit­ing the refe­rence num­ber DM-DFG-2101-2/18 no later than June 30th, 2018 as a sin­gle pdf-file to: