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Cha­rité-Uni­ver­si­täts­me­di­zin Ber­lin - Ber­lin-Bran­den­burg Cen­ter for Rege­ne­ra­tive The­ra­pies

Das BCRT wurde 2006 als Alli­anz der Cha­rité-Uni­ver­si­täts­me­di­zin Ber­lin und der Helm­holtz-Gemein­schaft gegrün­det. Mehr als 250 Mit­ar­bei­ter – Ärzte, Natur­wis­sen­schaft­ler, Trans­la­ti­ons­ex­per­ten, Inge­nieure, Dok­to­ran­den und tech­ni­sche Mit­ar­bei­ter – for­schen und arbei­ten an den zwei Stand­or­ten des BCRT: am Insti­tuts­ge­bäude Süd des Cam­pus Vir­chow-Kli­ni­kum der Cha­rité und am Cam­pus Tel­tow des Insti­tuts für Bio­ma­te­ri­al­for­schung der Helm­holtz-Zen­trums Geest­hacht GmbH.

1 PostDoc pos­i­tion
1 PhD pos­i­tion
2 Com­puter Engin­eer­ing pos­i­tions

in Quant­it­at­ive Bone Ultra­sound

Work­ing field:

The pro­ject aims at the clin­ical trans­la­tion of a novel high-fre­quency meas­ure­ment tech­nique to assess cor­tical bone qual­ity bio­mark­ers by non-invas­ive ultra­sound.


We are look­ing for can­did­ates with pro­found skills in ultra­sound ima­ging, spec­tral sig­nal pro­cessing, and/or pro­gram­ming skills (Mat­lab, C++) to work in a BMBF fun­ded research pro­ject.

Can­did­ates must have
  • a very good degree in phys­ics, com­puter engin­eer­ing (or equi­val­ent),
  • excel­lent pro­gram­ming skills (instru­ment­a­tion, data pro­cessing),
  • very good Eng­lish and com­mu­nic­a­tion skills.

and should have a pro­found back­ground in high-fre­quency ultra­sound instru­ment­a­tion and sig­nal pro­cessing.

What we of­fer:

  • Gradu­ation (PhD, Dr.rer.nat., Dr.Ing) in struc­tured Gradu­ate School (Ber­lin-Branden­burg School for Regen­er­at­ive Ther­apies,
  • Work in an highly inter­dis­cip­lin­ary and inter­na­tional research team with state-of-the-art med­ical ima­ging Tech­no­lo­gies (Ultra­sound and XtremeCT II)
  • Col­lab­or­ate with national and inter­na­tional aca­demic and indus­trial part­ners
  • Aca­demic and non-aca­demic career per­spect­ives

How to ap­ply:

Your applic­a­tion together with a detailed C.V. (includ­ing a pub­lic­a­tion list) and a tech­nical ref­er­ence should be sent to:

Univ.-Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Kay Raum
Char­ité – Uni­versitätsmed­izin Ber­lin,
Augusten­bur­ger Platz 1, 13353 Ber­lin, Ger­many