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Tech­ni­sche Infor­ma­ti­ons­bi­blio­thek (TIB) - Ger­man National Lib­rary of Sci­ence and Tech­no­logy

Act­ing in the capa­city of the Ger­man national lib­rary of sci­ence and tech­no­logy, our for­ward-look­ing ser­vices secure the infra­struc­tural require­ments for provid­ing research­ers in sci­ence and industry with high-qual­ity inform­a­tion and lit­er­at­ure. The ser­vices we offer in our capa­city as a Uni­versity Lib­rary ensure that Leib­niz Uni­versität Han­nover is provided with items loc­ally.

Research group lead­ers Web & Data Sci­ence

Work­ing field:

The ideal can­did­ate holds a doc­toral degree in Com­puter Sci­ence, Inform­a­tion Sci­ence, Math­em­at­ics or a related field and is able to com­bine the­or­et­ical and prac­tical aspects in her work. The can­did­ate is expec­ted to build up her own research group and should have a track record in at least three (and be com­mit­ted to expand to more) of the fol­low­ing areas:

  • pub­lic­a­tion of research res­ults in renowned, peer-reviewed journ­als and con­fer­ences of her field
  • proven soft­ware engin­eer­ing skills and the abil­ity to develop mature soft­ware com­pon­ents bey­ond pure research pro­to­types
  • suc­cess­ful super­vi­sion of bach­elor, mas­ter and doc­toral stu­dents
  • col­lab­or­a­tion with other research groups, industry, NGOs as well as open-source and com­munity ini­ti­at­ives, for example, in the con­text of pub­licly fun­ded col­lab­or­at­ive research pro­jects
  • suc­cess­fully com­pet­ing for fund­ing by national and inter­na­tional fund­ing bod­ies
  • trans­fer and com­mer­cial­iz­a­tion of research res­ults, for example, through open-source soft­ware or con­trac­tual research and devel­op­ment for pub­lic insti­tu­tions, industry or other stake­hold­ers

Due to the embed­ding of the group at Leib­niz Uni­versity of Han­nover, Leib­niz Inform­a­tion Cen­ter for Sci­ence & Tech­no­logy (TIB) and L3S Research Cen­ter (L3S) par­tic­u­lar emphasis will be on the suc­cess­ful trans­fer of research res­ults into sus­tain­able tech­no­lo­gies, soft­ware com­pon­ents and ser­vices facil­it­at­ing high-impact inform­a­tion ser­vices as well as soci­etal and indus­trial applic­a­tions. Flu­ent Eng­lish com­mu­nic­a­tion skills are a fun­da­mental require­ment; com­mand of Ger­man lan­guage is a plus.


Fields: The can­did­ate should have a back­ground in a field rel­ev­ant for Web and Data Sci­ence, such as:

  • Semantic tech­no­lo­gies, linked data, know­ledge graphs and onto­logy engin­eer­ing
  • Arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence, know­ledge rep­res­ent­a­tion and machine learn­ing
  • Nat­ural lan­guage pro­cessing and inform­a­tion retrieval
  • Soft­ware engin­eer­ing and mod­ern applic­a­tion devel­op­ment
  • Data man­age­ment, integ­ra­tion and ana­lysis
  • Human-com­puter inter­ac­tion and data visu­al­iz­a­tion

Applic­a­tions: The can­did­ate should be inter­ested to pur­sue applic­a­tions of his research in areas includ­ing (but not lim­ited to): digital lib­rar­ies, data integ­ra­tion for sci­ence and tech­no­logy, ques­tion answer­ing, schol­arly com­mu­nic­a­tion, E-learn­ing, open sci­ence & crowd­sourcing.

What we of­fer:

We provide an sci­en­tific­ally and intel­lec­tu­ally inspir­ing envir­on­ment with an entre­pren­eur­ial mind­set embed­ded in a lead­ing tech­nical uni­versity and one of the largest tech­nical inform­a­tion cen­ters being part of Leib­niz research asso­ci­ation. Our aim is to provide the envir­on­ment and resources to make the research group lead­ers suc­cess­ful in their field.

  • Research group lead­ers will have ini­tially one or two PhD stu­dent pos­i­tions assigned.
  • There is fund­ing avail­able for equip­ment, con­fer­ence and research visit travel and all costs required for a suc­cess­ful built-up of the research group.
  • Pos­sib­il­ity to pur­sue fur­ther aca­demic qual­i­fic­a­tions such as habil­it­a­tion and teach­ing exper­i­ence
  • A port­fo­lio of tech­no­logy com­pon­ents to build on, includ­ing DBpe­dia, Big­DataEurope Plat­form, OntoWiki, Qanary QA, SlideWiki etc.
  • TIB/L3S are already engaged in a num­ber of research pro­jects at the national and European level

How to ap­ply:

Please send your CV, two pub­lic­a­tions, 1-2 let­ters of ref­er­ence and a two pages motiv­a­tional state­ment (incl. research, fund­ing and trans­fer ambi­tions) to

Tech­nis­che Inform­a­tions­bib­lio­thek (TIB)
Herrn Daniel Eilers
Welfengarten 1 B
30167 Han­nover

You can also send your applic­a­tion by email

Please do not send emails lar­ger than 10 MB. Ques­tions regard­ing the pos­i­tions can be addressed to the des­ig­nated new dir­ector of TIB Prof. Dr. Sören Auer (