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At Relo­ca­tely we want to change the way people plan, book and expe­ri­ence glo­bal relo­ca­tion by digi­ti­zing pro­ces­ses, pro­vi­ding real-time insights and updates on the whe­re­abouts of your belongings and deli­ver­ing trans­pa­rency to our cust­o­m­ers.

Regard­less of whe­ther you are a pri­vate indi­vi­dual who wants to send a couple of boxes across the globe or an HR pro­fes­sio­nal who needs to manage glo­bal expats and cor­po­rate assi­gnees - our plat­form is going to change the way you and your employees expe­ri­ence glo­bal relo­ca­tion ser­vices.

Foun­ded by dri­ven entre­pre­neurs and an expe­ri­en­ced lea­dership team, we are based in Ber­lin and dedi­ca­ted to chan­ging the relo­ca­tion indus­try. With the help of tech­no­logy and our mind­set to always go above and bey­ond in excee­ding cust­o­mer expec­ta­ti­ons we've yiel­ded 5 star reviews across the board!

Relo­ca­tely is built on the belief that 'To make happy cust­o­m­ers, we need to make sure our employees are happy first'. We know that great busi­nes­ses are powe­red by happy col­leagues who feel invested in the com­pany they work for. Want to be part of this excit­ing adven­ture?

Logist­ics Intern

Work­ing field:

We are look­ing for a Logist­ics Intern to sup­port our logist­ics team with the exe­cu­tion of day-to-day oper­a­tions, onboard­ing of new ful­fil­ment part­ners, ful­fil­ment auto­ma­tion, capa­city and load factor optim­iz­a­tion and ensur­ing the highest qual­ity of oper­a­tions to max­im­ize cus­tomer sat­is­fac­tion and prof­it­ab­il­ity.

After a thor­ough onboard­ing phase, you are going to be part of our oper­a­tions spe­cial­ists team and the go-to per­son for the relo­ca­tion team, being able to explain every little detail of oper­a­tional require­ments neces­sary for high-qual­ity ser­vice exe­cu­tion.

You are bring­ing excel­lent oper­a­tions man­age­ment skills, and ideally, a strong back­ground or pas­sion for relo­ca­tion, mov­ing or logist­ics and you are flu­ent in Ger­man and Eng­lish.

  • Assist in the man­age­ment of day-to-day oper­a­tions and logist­ics
  • Be part of the spe­cial­ist team for all inquir­ies by our relo­ca­tion team
  • Handle spe­cial cases and ensur­ing effi­cient oper­a­tions
  • Optim­ize part­ner capa­cit­ies and their load factors
  • Max­im­ize the degree of oper­a­tions auto­ma­tion
  • Sup­port part­ner man­age­ment in on-board­ing pro­cesses


  • Know­ledge of the inter­na­tional ship­ping industry
  • High will­ing­ness to deliver over-the-top qual­ity to sur­pass cus­tomer expect­a­tions
  • Know­ledge on pro­cess auto­ma­tion
  • An open per­son­al­ity paired with excel­lent com­mu­nic­a­tions and ana­lyt­ics skills
  • Flu­ency in Ger­man and Eng­lish
  • Out­stand­ing will­ing­ness-to-learn, dis­cip­line and motiv­a­tion to excel
  • Pre­vi­ous work exper­i­ence in the relo­ca­tion, mov­ing or logist­ics industry and exper­i­ence with cus­toms hand­ling is a plus

What we of­fer:

Foun­ded by a team with deep and extens­ive know­ledge within the relo­ca­tion and logist­ics industry, Relo­cately is quickly grow­ing to be one of the lead­ing plat­forms for inter­na­tional moves and relo­ca­tion ser­vices.

Our cus­tomer-cent­ric approach focuses on organ­iz­ing all aspects of every relo­ca­tion and ensur­ing our cli­ent's belong­ings are trans­por­ted safely to your new home. Using mod­ern tech­no­logy, this hap­pens in a faster and more trans­par­ent way than ever before.

We are a team of tal­en­ted indi­vidu­als (and Nel­son, our office dog) offer­ing a dynamic, fast paced work envir­on­ment free of tra­di­tional hier­arch­ies. Instead, you are going to enjoy flex­ible work­ing hours, awe­some bene­fits such as free drinks, cer­eal, access to Udemy, fre­quent team events and a lovely office within Pren­zlauer Berg.

How to ap­ply:

Kindly apply online at
or feel free to email your resume dir­ectly: