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Scenarium AI - Startup

Scenarium AI is a value-driven company based in Berlin, Germany. We are on a mission to leverage generative AI to create the next generation of building design software. We think of it as the third leap in CAD software for construction.

The founders met at Entrepreneur First in Berlin. Leading investors such as UVC Partners, Jens Lapinski - Angel Invest, and the CEO of Make are backing us in our venture to reimagine the building design process.

Software Engineer Working Student (C#)

still vacant

Software Development

Working field:

As one of the first Working Students on our team, you will support us with the development of the components that are interacting with the building information modeling systems. Additionally, you will contribute to improving our development lifecycle which should create a high-quality product while still being super flexible.
This role is hands-on and comes with a high degree of ownership and accountability, as well as fast-paced development cycles. This is a rare opportunity to have a fundamental and long-lasting impact on the future of a young, ambitious company.
You will be working as part of our Software Engineering team to get Scenarium AI to product launch.

You will

  • Participate in the development of the client-facing desktop components with C# and WPF (WPF experience is not a must)
  • Take responsibility in making the product more usable and desirable by the users
  • Help us define and implement the right development practices to ensure a high-quality product in a fast-paced environment


Apply a creative and pragmatic mindset and come up with efficient approaches to solve them.
Be excited about taking on lots of ownership and joining a well-funded startup super early on.
Collaborate closely with the other core initial members of a cross-functional team, allowing you to learn, grow, and apply expertise beyond your current set of skills.
Be willing to continuously learn, collaborate, and push yourself toward excellence. Specifically, be open to learning more about the construction industry - the design phase in particular - and to understand our customer and their needs better.

We believe that creating a standard, one-fits-all set of skill requirements excludes people with more diverse backgrounds from applying who would otherwise have been a perfect fit for the role. Therefore, we consciously decided to focus solely on your motivation and your potential to reach the outlined objectives instead.

What we offer:

  • The opportunity to join an ambitious and well-funded team from the very start - room for growth, ownership, and potential fulltime roles down the road included.
  • A strong feedback culture driven by the principles of psychological safety and ensuring regular 1:1s
  • Ability to learn from and contribute to a highly motivated and skilled team
  • A beautiful office in the center of Berlin
  • Free lunch twice weekly

How to apply:

Check out our career page:


  1. Get2Know and Technical Knowledge Interview with Kezban (Founding SW Engineer)
  2. Technical Challenge (Online coding exercise)
  3. Get2Know Interview with Emil (CTO)
    In order to remove as much bias from the application process as possible, please do not include your photo, birthday, place of birth, or marital status in your CV.

If you’re interested in joining us, apply with your cleaned CV:

We’re excited to hear from you!