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Tech­ni­sche Uni­ver­sität Ber­lin - Faculty V - Institute of Psychology and Ergonomics / Division of Ergonomics

Research Assistant - 0.75 working-time - salary grade E 13 TV-L Berliner Hochschulen

Working field:

The potential job holder evaluates and accompanies the usability and user experience (UUX) of an emerging digital health platform for people with a familial cancer risk. The position to be filled will be located in the Division of Ergonomics at TU Berlin - an interdisciplinary research group with a theoretical and applied interest in digital health applications.

The digital health platform is being developed by a highly interdisciplinary team (doctors, lawyers, psychologists, social scientists, usability experts and external IT service providers) as part of a third-party funded project that will run for another 3 years. The platform is intended to enable clinical work processes (including data exchange, appointment coordination and communication) between resident doctors, hospital centers and patients in the sense of an extended electronic patient record (EPR).

The position to be filled is responsible for the user-centric evaluation of the digital health platform - in cooperation with external service providers for interaction design. In addition, the position will be responsible for UUX tests for piloting and evaluating the platform (e.g. through experiments, questionnaires and interviews) and will participate in the revision and analysis of the quantitative as well as qualitative data collected, including publication activities based on this data. Work toward a PhD thesis is possible with the acquired dataset, but requires personal interest in the necessary conceptual work.

Further information on the position can be obtained from Prof. Markus Feufel (email:


  • Successfully completed university degree (diploma, master's or equivalent) in psychology / human factors or related disciplines at the time of employment
  • In-depth knowledge of UUX and the analysis and publication of complex quantitative data sets
  • Experience with the topics of usability design, user experience, user-centered text and/or information design
  • Excellent command of English and German

  • Strong management and structuring skills
  • Experience with programming / software or app development
  • Experience with online technologies and / or web design
  • Experience with medical work contexts, ideally with digital health technologies
  • Experience with interdisciplinary teams / third-party funded projects
  • Interest in communication/coordination tasks, technology development, and abstract thinking
  • Interest in and an eye for detailed work

How to apply:

Please send your application with the reference number and the usual documents (letter of motivation, curriculum vitae, certificates) only by email (in a single pdf file, max. 5 MB) to Prof. Dr. Feufel via

By submitting your application via email you consent to having your data electronically processed and saved. Please note that we do not provide a guaranty for the protection of your personal data when submitted as unprotected file. Please find our data protection notice acc. DSGVO (General Data Protection Regulation) at the TU staff department homepage: or quick access 214041.

To ensure equal opportunities between women and men, applications by women with the required qualifications are explicitly desired. Qualified individuals with disabilities will be favored. The TU Berlin values the diversity of its members and is committed to the goals of equal opportunities.

Technische Universität Berlin - Die Präsidentin - Fakultät V, Institut für Psychologie und Arbeitswissenschaft, Fachgebiet Arbeitswissenschaft, Prof. Dr. Feufel, Sekr. MAR 3-2, Marchstraße 23, 10587 Berlin