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Holo­plot GmbH

At HOLOPLOT we develop innov­at­ive hard­ware and soft­ware to push the bound­ar­ies of what you thought loud­speak­ers are cap­able of: Using real-time wave field syn­thesis and audio beam­form­ing, our sys­tems enable a rad­ic­ally new approach to son­ic­ally out­stand­ing, high-qual­ity speech and music repro­duc­tion, even in the acous­tic­ally most chal­len­ging envir­on­ments.

We build our products with a love for music, a com­mit­ment to the highest pos­sible qual­ity, and a pas­sion for dis­rupt­ing the status quo.

Work­ing Stu­dent - Soft­ware Devel­op­ment Engin­eer in Test / Qual­ity Assur­ance (f/m/d)


Working field:

HOLOPLOT is a pro audio com­pany that builds sound sys­tems. Our core tech­no­lo­gies enable new ways to cre­ate an immers­ive sound exper­i­ence and achieve optim­ised sound qual­ity. This brings strong chal­lenges and demands in ensur­ing good qual­ity of our soft­ware. We are look­ing for an ener­getic and motiv­ated work­ing stu­dent to help in test­ing and qual­ity assur­ance at HOLOPLOT.

You will be work­ing with our Soft­ware QA team and ment­ored by one or more of our developers to sharpen your skill set. Depend­ing on your qual­i­fic­a­tions and interest, you will be given tasks in dif­fer­ent pro­ject teams. These tasks may include:

  • Writ­ing or main­tain­ing auto­mated tests for desktop/web/backend applic­a­tions,
  • Assist with manual test­ing
  • Audio sig­nal ana­lysis
  • Auto­mate CI/CD pipelines


  • You live and study in Ber­lin or are will­ing to relo­cate from some­where else in Ger­many
  • Your stud­ies are in the field of com­puter sci­ence, elec­trical engin­eer­ing, audio engin­eer­ing, phys­ics, maths, or a com­par­able pro­gram. You are at least in the 3rd bach­elor's semester of your stud­ies
  • You demon­strate good com­mand of at least one pro­gram­ming lan­guage
  • You have played with or have a deep interest in learn­ing other pro­gram­ming lan­guages
  • You want to under­stand more about test­ing soft­ware and hard­ware, and test­ing in gen­eral
  • You like auto­mat­ing repet­it­ive tasks and you have used your favour­ite script­ing lan­guage to do exactly this
  • You are able to com­mu­nic­ate flu­ently in Eng­lish, both writ­ing and speak­ing

What would really make you shine

  • Good Python skill, with example pro­jects/examples to back it up
  • You have used script­ing lan­guage such as bash
  • Know­ledge in DSP or more spe­cific­ally audio sig­nal pro­cessing
  • Exper­i­ence in soft­ware test­ing

What we offer:

  • The oppor­tun­ity to take part in an industry-chan­ging jour­ney, work­ing at the fore­front of audio tech­no­logy together with a world-class team
  • More than just “the usual” work­ing stu­dent exper­i­ence
  • Flat hier­arch­ies and the oppor­tun­ity to make an impact from day one
  • A highly motiv­at­ing envir­on­ment where you can grow and learn by work­ing on incred­ibly ambi­tious chal­lenges with col­leagues from a diverse range of back­grounds
  • 30 days of annual leave, flex­ible work­ing hours, flex­ible work­ing-from-home policy
  • A mod­ern office loc­ated on the south end of Tem­pel­hofer Field over­look­ing the old air­port
  • Weekly team lunch and dis­coun­ted Urban Sports mem­ber­ship

Sounds good? Apply now and let's shape the future of sound together!

HOLOPLOT is an Equal Oppor­tun­ity Employer
HOLOPLOT appre­ci­ates and cel­eb­rates the diversity within the com­pany. There­fore, people of all genders, gender iden­tit­ies, any eth­nic and reli­gious back­ground, national ori­gin, age, mar­ital or eco­nomic status, are encour­aged to apply. We are strengthened by diversity and we strive to provide a flex­ible work envir­on­ment in which every­one is included, treated fairly, and with respect.

How to apply:

Please sub­mit your applic­a­tion through this link: