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Evo­nik - Che­mie

Evo­nik is one of the world’s lea­ding spe­cialty che­mi­cals com­pa­nies.

We don’t pro­duce car tires, mat­tres­ses, tablets, or ani­mal feed, but Evo­nik is part of all of those pro­ducts –and many more. While we often con­tri­bute only small amounts of mate­rial, those con­tri­bu­ti­ons are pre­cisely what make the dif­fe­rence. That's because Evo­nik pro­ducts make tires fuel-effi­ci­ent, mat­tres­ses more elastic, medi­ca­ti­ons more effec­tive, and ani­mal feeds healt­hier. That’s what spe­cialty che­mi­cals are all about. And when it comes to spe­cialty che­mi­cals, we're among the best in the world.

Evo­nik is one of the world lea­ders in spe­cialty che­mi­cals. The com­pany is active in more than 100 coun­tries around the world and gene­ra­ted sales of €12.2 bil­lion and an ope­ra­ting pro­fit (adjus­ted EBITDA) of €1.91 bil­lion in 2020. Evo­nik goes far bey­ond che­mi­stry to create inno­va­tive, pro­fi­ta­ble and sustainable solu­ti­ons for custo­mers. More than 33,000 employees work tog­e­ther for a com­mon pur­pose: We want to improve life, day by day.

Tech­ni­cal Trai­nee / 技术培训生


Rotate and deve­lop wit­hin the first 2 years across app­li­ca­tion fields in Seg­ment, which cover but not limit to the areas of lab engi­neer, tech­ni­cal sup­port, and tech­ni­cal sales

Erwartete Qualifikationen:

  • Mas­ter/PhD Degree majo­red in Che­mi­stry, Che­mi­cal Sci­ence, Poly­mer, Mate­ri­cal Sci­ence, Bio­che­mi­cal, Bio­tech­no­logy, with strong tech­ni­cal back­ground.
  • Quick lear­ner, self-star­ter, eager to deve­lop.
  • Open to new things, crea­tive and for­ward thin­king, and also down to earth to get things down.
  • Strong com­mu­ni­ca­tion and inter­per­so­nal skills
  • Good team player, wil­ling to share and help others.
  • Pro­fi­ci­ent in Eng­lish.

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