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adsquare GmbH

Adsquare is the global audi­ence & loc­a­tion intel­li­gence com­pany mak­ing mar­ket­ing a whole lot smarter.

With eight offices around the world we are a truly inter­na­tional com­pany but one united team work­ing towards our vis­ion: empower­ing com­pan­ies to accel­er­ate busi­ness growth by stay­ing at the fore­front of data-driven mar­ket­ing.
We are pion­eers in advert­ising and data. We were born mobile, before it was a neces­sity, and have pion­eered data-driven advert­ising in dis­play and now DOOH. We have the smartest people, work­ing with the best tech, so we can drive the pace of change.
We are vis­ion­ar­ies. We see a bet­ter way for mar­keters and are doing everything we can to make that a real­ity. We believe in innov­a­tion and the power of tech­no­logy. We believe in con­stantly improv­ing what we’re doing because the work is never done.
We believe in what we do and rise to meet our own high stand­ards. If there’s a prob­lem, we fix it, humbly and without fuss or delay. Although our tech­no­logy is best-of-breed, we are unas­sum­ing and mod­est in our approach.
We are pas­sion­ately can­did, both with each other and with our cli­ents. We take the time to explain our approach to their prob­lem, con­fid­ent there is noth­ing to hide.
We are con­sist­ent and true to our word. We don’t take short­cuts but focus on being our cli­ents’ most reli­able part­ner. We make prom­ises - and we keep them. As a res­ult, cli­ents enjoy spend­ing time with us, because we are good people.

Work­ing Stu­dent Product Man­age­ment (f/m/d)

At Adsquare, you will be an integ­ral part of a lead­ing tech com­pany giv­ing digital mar­ket­ing a whole new per­spect­ive. Sus­tain­able inter­na­tional growth while deliv­er­ing mar­ket-lead­ing tech solu­tions will be adsquare’s highest pri­or­ity throughout 2021 and bey­ond. The inter­na­tional teams across the globe con­sist of entre­pren­eurs, engin­eers and product and mar­ket­ing pro­fes­sion­als.

Working field:

  • You will sup­port the whole product team on craft­ing con­cepts and busi­ness cases to make our digital product fam­ily grow
  • You will research our user base and the whole global industry of adtech, data and loc­a­tion intel­li­gence vendors
  • You will help us gain­ing insights from cus­tomer ana­lyt­ics, user sur­veys and busi­ness KPIs in order to take data-driven decisions
  • You will inter­act with the whole organ­iz­a­tion and espe­cially with mar­ket­ing, engin­eer­ing, data sci­ence and oper­a­tions
  • You will be a core mem­ber of a highly effect­ive 5-people product team and par­ti­cip­ate and con­trib­ute over the whole product devel­op­ment pro­cess


  • You’re cur­rently study­ing inform­a­tions, eco­nom­ics or something sim­ilar, and still have at least 12 months before your course ends
  • You're a good com­mu­nic­ator (very good writ­ten and spoken Eng­lish)
  • You’re enthu­si­astic, bring a can-do atti­tude and you can solve prob­lems on your own
  • You have a highly ana­lyt­ical and logical thought pro­cess and an intrinsic motiv­a­tion to under­stand com­plex prob­lems

What we offer:

  • You work together with a highly motiv­ated and skilled team of top per­formers
  • You have a sens­ible impact on our core product and there­fore the suc­cess of the growth of the com­pany
  • You com­bine suc­cess and fun within a great com­pany cul­ture together with people from all over the world
  • You can work within flex­ible work­ing hours / home office reg­u­la­tions and have an oppor­tun­ity to work in our charm­ing office in the heart of Ber­lin

How to apply: