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Ber­lin Insti­tute of Health @Char­ité - QUEST Cen­ter for Trans­form­ing Bio­med­ical Research at the Ber­lin Insti­tute of Health @Char­ité

Die Char­ité – Uni­versitätsmed­izin Ber­lin ist eine gemein­same Ein­rich­tung der Freien Uni­versität Ber­lin und der Hum­boldt-Uni­versität zu Ber­lin. Sie hat als eines der größten Uni­versität­sk­linika Euro­pas mit bedeu­tender Geschichte eine führende Rolle in Forschung, Lehre und Kranken­ver­sor­gung inne. Aber auch als mod­ernes Unterneh­men mit Zer­ti­fiz­ier­ungen im med­iz­in­is­chen, klin­is­chen und im Man­age­ment-Bereich tritt die Char­ité her­vor.

The pos­i­tion is loc­ated at the QUEST Cen­ter for Trans­form­ing Bio­med­ical Research at the Ber­lin Insti­tute of Health @Char­ité within the meta-research group. The goal of QUEST is to optim­ize bio­med­ical research in terms of sci­entific meth­od­o­logy, bioeth­ics, and research access­ib­il­ity.
Meta-research, or sci­ence of sci­ence, stud­ies can help us to improve sci­ence by identi­fy­ing com­mon prob­lems with the design, con­duct, ana­lysis and report­ing of sci­entific stud­ies. We can use this inform­a­tion to develop tar­geted solu­tions to improve sci­entific research.
(Pro­ject: A par­ti­cipant-guided, “learn by doing” course in meta-research (the sci­ence of sci­ence))

Stu­dentische*r Mit­arbeiter*in/ Stu­dent Assist­ent

STUD-HK 03.21.15 BIH QC I

Work­ing field:

  • The stu­dent assist­ant will work with mem­bers of the research team to run a par­ti­cipant-guided, "learn by doing" course in meta-research. Course par­ti­cipants learn about meta-research by work­ing together to design, con­duct and pub­lish a meta-research study ( Applic­ants should note that meta-research is dif­fer­ent from meta-ana­lysis.

  • Core activ­it­ies: The stu­dent assist­ant’s role will include work­ing closely with class par­ti­cipants to facil­it­ate con­sist­ent pro­gress, elim­in­ate road blocks and ensure that the class is work­ing together as a team. The stu­dent assist­ant may also work on the class meta-research pro­ject along­side stu­dents. Exper­i­ence work­ing in col­lab­or­at­ive teams and man­aging group dynam­ics is essen­tial. Meta-research exper­i­ence is bene­fi­cial, however addi­tional train­ing will be provided. Depend­ing on the desired num­ber of hours, addi­tional tasks may include: 1. Abstract­ing data for meta-research stud­ies: The stu­dent assist­ant may review research art­icles and abstract data accord­ing to stand­ard­ized pro­to­cols. 2. Cre­at­ing train­ing and val­id­a­tion data­sets for new auto­mated screen­ing tools: The team is cur­rently devel­op­ing tools to detect re-use of pub­lic data, screen for prob­lems with data visu­al­iz­a­tion, and detect com­mon prob­lems with image present­a­tion in sci­entific papers. Applic­ants can learn more about how these tools will be used here:

  • Stu­dent assist­ant activ­it­ies may extend into a mas­ters thesis pro­ject.


  • ordin­ar­ily enrolled stu­dents
  • Stu­dent of the life sci­ences
  • Basic com­put­ing and stat­ist­ical skills neces­sary, basic stat­ist­ical and pro­gram­ming skills an advant­age
  • Exper­i­ence in con­duct­ing exper­i­mental research an advant­age
  • Interest in meta-research
  • Highly pro­fi­cient in Eng­lish

What we of­fer:

start­ing date: earli­est
dur­a­tion: lim­ited until 31.12.2021
work­ing time: 80 h/ month
remu­ner­a­tion: TV STUD III 12,68 EUR/Std.

How to ap­ply:

ref­er­ence num­ber: STUD-HK 03.21.15 BIH QC
applic­a­tion date: 24.04.2021
applic­a­tion only via email with indic­a­tion of the ref­er­ence num­ber to:

con­tact per­son regard­ing the pos­i­tion:
Dr. Tracey Weiss­ger­ber