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Leib­niz-Zen­trum All­ge­meine Sprach­wis­sen­schaft (ZAS)

Das Leib­niz-Zen­trum All­ge­meine Sprach­wis­sen­schaft (ZAS) ist ein außer­uni­ver­si­tä­res For­schungs­in­sti­tut des Lan­des Ber­lin, das sich der Erfor­schung der mensch­li­chen Sprach­fä­hig­keit im All­ge­mei­nen und ihrer Aus­prä­gung in Ein­zel­spra­chen wid­met.

(Post-)doc­toral research pos­i­tion in the DFG research pro­ject Exper­i­mental Game The­ory and
Scalar Implicatures (SIgames)

Work­ing field:

The Leib­niz-Cen­ter Gen­eral Lin­guist­ics (ZAS, invites applic­a­tions for a one-year 50% (post-)doc­toral research pos­i­tion in the DFG research pro­ject Exper­i­mental Game The­ory and Scalar Implicatures (SIgames), PI Anton Benz, start­ing in June 2021, or soon there­after. Pay is at the E13 level of the Ger­man TVöD pay­scale.

Import­ant Data:
  • Applic­a­tion dead­line: April 20th, 2021
  • Start date: June 1st, 2021 (earli­est)
  • Address for applic­a­tions:


  • Com­pleted or advanced Ph.D.
  • Strong research exper­i­ence rel­ev­ant to the pro­ject goals

The ideal can­did­ate has:
  • Proven expert­ise in exper­i­mental prag­mat­ics or psy­cho­lin­guist­ics
  • Solid know­ledge of Gricean prag­mat­ics (implicatures)
  • Expert­ise in stat­ist­ical eval­u­ation and com­pu­ta­tional mod­el­ling
  • Back­ground in formal prag­mat­ics/semantics
  • Proven team-work skills

Ger­man lan­guage skills and back­ground on game the­or­etic prag­mat­ics are a plus.

What we of­fer:

The pro­ject Exper­i­mental Game The­ory and Scalar Implicatures is part of the Pri­or­ity Pro­gram and run­ning for its final year. It stud­ies implicatures of com­plex sen­tences with exper­i­mental meth­ods. Inform­a­tion about pre­vi­ous res­ults of the pro­ject can be found here The pro­ject group con­sists of the PI Anton Benz and two ½ postdocs. Planned top­ics for the final year are embed­ded implicatures of numer­als and the depend­ency of implicatures on ques­tions under dis­cus­sion. It is planned to fur­ther explore the best response paradigm that has been developed in the pro­ject in lab- and web-based dia­logue exper­i­ments. Depend­ing on the applic­ant’s back­ground, addi­tional paradigms can be tested.

The pro­ject is hos­ted by the Leib­niz-Centre Gen­eral Lin­guist­ics, a lead­ing inter­na­tional centre for research in cog­nit­ive sci­ence and the­or­et­ical lin­guist­ics. The pro­ject aims for cul­tural diversity and gender bal­ance of its staff. The pro­ject fur­ther­more seeks to imple­ment the prin­ciples of open sci­ence.
ZAS is an equal oppor­tun­ity employer.

How to ap­ply:

Applic­a­tions must be sub­mit­ted via elec­tronic mail and include the fol­low­ing four items in a single PDF attach­ment:
  • A let­ter of intent spe­cify­ing research exper­i­ence and a sketch of the pos­sible pro­ject con­tri­bu­tion;
  • The cur­riculum vitae includ­ing a com­plete list of pub­lic­a­tions;
  • Elec­tronic cop­ies of up to three rep­res­ent­at­ive pub­lic­a­tions; and
  • The names and email addresses of at least two schol­ars to be con­tac­ted for let­ters of recom­mend­a­tion.

Dead­line: applic­a­tions sent until 20-April-2021 receive full con­sid­er­a­tion; applic­a­tions sent later can be con­sidered until the pos­i­tion is filled.