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Tech­ni­sche Uni­ver­si­tät Dres­den - Exten­ded Uni­ver­sity Exe­cu­tive Board

The TU Dres­den is one of ele­ven Ger­man uni­ver­si­ties that were iden­ti­fied as an “excel­lence uni­ver­sity”. TUD has about 36.500 stu­dents and almost 5319 employees, 507 pro­fes­sors among them, and, thus, is the lar­gest uni­ver­sity in Sax­ony, today.

Having been com­mit­ted to sci­en­ces and the engi­nee­ring before the reuni­fi­ca­tion of Ger­many, TU Dres­den now is a multi-disci­pline uni­ver­sity, also offe­ring huma­nities and social sci­en­ces as well as medi­cine.

Chief Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Offi­cer (CCO) (m/f/d)


As a uni­ver­sity of excel­lence, Tech­ni­sche Uni­ver­si­tät Dres­den is one of the lea­ding uni­ver­si­ties in Ger­many and ranks among the 100 most inno­va­tive uni­ver­si­ties in the world. It is cha­rac­te­ri­zed both by its rese­arch strength and its broad range of degree pro­grams in the natu­ral, tech­ni­cal and life sci­en­ces as well as in the huma­nities and social sci­en­ces. TU Dres­den is part of the DRES­DEN-con­cept alli­ance, one of the lar­gest con­cen­tra­ti­ons of rese­arch in Ger­many. As a socie­tal actor, it actively shapes public life in Dres­den and in Sax­ony.

We are see­king at the ear­liest pos­si­ble date (con­tract limi­ted until August 17, 2025 (–pur­suant to TzBfG) an inter­na­tio­nally expe­ri­en­ced and com­mu­ni­ca­tion-ori­en­ted manage­ment pro­fes­sio­nal with out­stan­ding stra­te­gic com­pe­ten­ces and visio­nary poten­tial for the posi­tion of Chief Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Offi­cer (CCO) (m/f/d)

Work­ing field:

  • deve­lop­ment, imple­men­ta­tion and adap­tation of the uni­ver­sity's com­mu­ni­ca­tion stra­tegy in close inter­ac­tion with the Uni­ver­sity Exe­cu­tive Board's stra­tegy with the objec­tive to sustainably con­so­li­date and expand TU Dres­den's natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal visi­bi­lity
  • con­ti­nued deve­lop­ment of the TU Dres­den brand in close coope­ra­tion with TU Dres­den’s stra­tegy and uni­ver­sity cul­ture
  • manage­ment of stra­te­gic (inter­na­tio­nal) com­mu­ni­ca­tion pro­jects
  • deve­lop­ment and imple­men­ta­tion of mar­ke­ting stra­te­gies for the dif­fe­rent areas of activity of TU Dres­den in the con­text of tea­ching, rese­arch and trans­fer
  • con­sul­ting and coa­ching of TU Dres­den's Exten­ded Uni­ver­sity Exe­cu­tive Board
  • pro­fes­sio­nal and disci­pli­nary manage­ment of the orga­ni­za­tio­nal units invol­ved in com­mu­ni­ca­tion tasks (this inclu­des the over­all bud­get respon­si­bi­lity as well as the per­man­ently or tem­pora­rily sub­or­di­na­ted per­son­nel resour­ces of the cor­re­spon­ding units)


  • uni­ver­sity degree, pre­fer­a­bly in jour­na­lism, public rela­ti­ons/com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons manage­ment, mar­ke­ting or com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons sci­ence
  • ide­ally pro­fes­sio­nal expe­ri­ence from a (pro­ject) manage­ment per­spec­tive in the stra­te­gic posi­tio­ning of an orga­ni­za­tion (bran­ding) as well as expe­ri­ence with stra­tegy and change pro­ces­ses and/or con­sul­ting methods
  • several years of expe­ri­ence in mana­ging and stee­ring stra­te­gic com­mu­ni­ca­tion pro­ces­ses, pre­fer­a­bly in the con­text of sci­en­ti­fic insti­tu­ti­ons, non-governmen­tal orga­ni­za­ti­ons or foun­da­ti­ons
  • strong crea­tive power and abi­lity to con­tri­bute to the trans­for­ma­tion of orga­ni­za­ti­ons, high cogni­tive fle­xi­bi­lity and stress tole­rance, excel­lent net­wor­king skills, abi­lity to proac­tively manage inter­faces
  • trust­wort­hi­ness and authen­ti­city
  • excel­lent com­mand of the Eng­lish lan­guage
  • an exten­ded stay abroad would be an advan­tage, or at least inter­na­tio­nal expe­ri­ence is highly desi­ra­ble
  • abi­lity to manage an orga­ni­za­tio­nal unit in a public law insti­tu­tion based on pro­ven mana­ge­rial expe­ri­ence (at least of a team) desi­red

How to ap­ply:

TU Dres­den seeks to spe­ci­fi­cally sup­port per­sons with disa­bi­li­ties and the­re­fore asks them to pro­vide rele­vant infor­ma­tion when sub­mit­ting their app­li­ca­tion. In case of equal sui­ta­bi­lity, people with severe disa­bi­li­ties or those with equi­va­lence to the Ger­man Social Code IX (SGB IX) will be pre­fer­red for employ­ment.

Please send your app­li­ca­tion with the requi­red docu­ments by March 4, 2021 (stam­ped arri­val date of the uni­ver­sity cen­tral mail ser­vice app­lies) pre­fer­a­bly via the Secu­re­Mail Por­tal of TU Dres­den as a PDF docu­ment to or to TU Dres­den, Dezer­nat Per­so­nal, z. Hdn. Frau Kath­leen Fischer, Helm­holtz­str. 10, 01069 Dres­den. Please sub­mit copies only, as your app­li­ca­tion will not be retur­ned to you. Expen­ses incur­red in atten­ding inter­views can­not be reim­bur­sed.

Refe­rence to data pro­tec­tion: Your data pro­tec­tion rights, the pur­pose for which your data will be pro­ces­sed, as well as fur­ther infor­ma­tion about data pro­tec­tion is avail­able to you on the web­site: