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xbird GmbH

Our mis­sion is to foster the use of tech­no­logy to improve the lives of people affected by chronic con­di­tions. We lever­age tech­no­logy to identify beha­vi­oural risks and oppor­tun­it­ies and enable patients to make bet­ter decisions that will affect their well-being.

Our goal is to design an access­ible digital solu­tion that sup­ports people who are liv­ing with a chronic con­di­tion to improve their ther­apy out­comes and live a health­ier life.

Our vis­ion is a world where people can live their lives to the fullest without the fear of sick­ness and dis­ease. We strive to develop tech­no­lo­gical innov­a­tions that can identify the indi­vidual needs of any patient and deliver per­son­al­ized assist­ance to improve their med­ical con­di­tions and qual­ity of life.

Cus­tomer Suc­cess Intern (f/m/x)

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Work­ing field:


xbird offers the lead­ing AI solu­tion to per­son­al­ize ther­apies for bet­ter res­ults. Espe­cially in dia­betes ther­apy the pro­gres­sion and impact on each per­son depends on a vari­ety of factors. Thus each per­son should be treated accord­ing to an indi­vidual’s life­style. The algorithms developed by xbird can record the beha­vior and life­style of patients using smart­phones and other wear­ables. The col­lec­ted data is con­ver­ted into per­son­al­ized recom­mend­a­tions by means of machine learn­ing in com­pli­ance with the strict­est data pro­tec­tion stand­ards. This smart sup­port can ensure con­tinu­ous, reli­able and indi­vidual care for patients on the way to a health­ier life, while provid­ing med­ical pro­fes­sion­als with long-term health data for the best care pos­sible.



We are look­ing for a Cus­tomer Suc­cess Intern (f/m/x), for 6 months+ to sup­port our Product Team.
  • You will onboard users and col­lect feed­back
  • You will cre­ate rela­tion­ships and develop an under­stand­ing for user needs
  • You will help users achieve their goals and be at their dis­posal if needed
  • You will assist the Product Team on user research and other tasks.
  • You will make calls to our user research patients group.
  • You will ana­lyze Cus­tomer Suc­cess mod­els to secure suc­cess of our pro­jects.
  • You will con­trib­ute daily to the core team’s decision mak­ing.
  • You will work closely with decision makers, includ­ing the founders of the com­pany.
  • You will jump in where you are needed most and solve the prob­lem.


  • You enjoy inter­act­ing with users and solv­ing their prob­lems
  • You have a pos­it­ive and sup­port­ive atti­tude
  • You gen­er­ally enjoy talk­ing and listen­ing to people
  • First work exper­i­ence in Cus­tomer Suc­cess or HR is a plus.
  • You want to work in the digital health industry.
  • You are a nat­ive Ger­man speaker and can com­mu­nic­ate for busi­ness.
  • You are able to com­mu­nic­ate clearly and to work autonom­ously.
  • A back­ground in a med­ical field that is a plus.
  • If you are exper­i­enced in busi­ness oper­a­tions that is a plus, but if you are smart and hard­work­ing we will get you on track.
  • You want to do work that mat­ters.


  • You are a driven and pas­sion­ate per­son­al­ity who wants to make a dif­fer­ence.
  • You want to spend your time with an exper­i­enced and inter­dis­cip­lin­ary team to pur­sue a com­mon goal.
  • You believe in our vis­ion to save lives with tech­no­logy.
  • You are smart, hard­work­ing and will­ing to go the extra step to solve prob­lems
  • You are an open per­son­al­ity with a growth mind­set and will­ing to work in a fast start-up chan­ging envir­on­ment.

What we of­fer:

  • You will have a com­pet­it­ive intern­ship salary.
  • After your intern­ship is com­pleted, you might have the oppor­tun­ity to become part of our highly pro­fes­sional, motiv­ated, and inter­na­tional team.
  • You can con­trib­ute to a great mis­sion.
  • You will get invalu­able insights into the digital health industry.

We offer you to get in on the ground level of one of Ber­lin’s most excit­ing com­pan­ies with a man­age­ment team that has already built and suc­cess­fully exited numer­ous ven­tures. We have flat hier­arch­ies, flex­ible home office options and, if the cur­rent situ­ation allows it, offer reg­u­lar meetups after work. You will be part of a dynamic and thriv­ing team, which works on things that mat­ter. Join our jour­ney!

The intern­ship is avail­able as of Janu­ary 2021 to start from our Ber­lin office, and should last a min­imum of 5 months and ideally 6 months+. Can­did­ates must be able to work in Ger­many, as we will not cover Visa applic­a­tion pro­cesses. If you have no clear­ance to work within the EU please let us know and we try to find a solu­tion.

For any other ques­tion, you can con­tact us any­time at


By sub­mit­ting a job applic­a­tion to xbird, you provide con­sent to us to use your per­sonal data for recruit­ment pur­poses. For more inform­a­tion, includ­ing your rights as a data sub­ject, please read our pri­vacy policy for job applic­ants:

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