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Freie Uni­ver­si­tät Ber­lin - Fachbereich Math­em­atik und Inform­atik - Insti­tut für Inform­atik AG Algorithmis­che Bioin­form­atik

Sci­entific Researcher (m/f/d) (sub­ject to author­iz­a­tion)

full-time job
lim­ited to 30.06.2024
Ent­gelt­gruppe 13 TV-L FU
ref­er­ence code: FONDA-WiMi-2020

Work­ing field:

Job descrip­tion:
We are offer­ing a PhD pos­i­tion in the research field FONDA (DFG-SFB): - Within the DFG-SFB-pro­ject A2 (see descrip­tion on the given web­site) the PhD stu­dent will mainly work on devel­op­ing cost mod­els for the adapt­a­tion of DAWs accord­ing to DADE pat­terns, adapt­ing algorithmic com­pon­ents in the SeqAn lib­rary ( and devel­op­ing (ref­er­ence based) com­pres­sion tech­niques. A pos­sible title for a PhD thesis would be “Mak­ing algorithmic com­pon­ents for sequence ana­lysis amen­able for self-con­fig­ur­ing, gen­omic data ana­lysis work­flows”. The PhD stu­dent will invest­ig­ate how to gen­er­al­ize algorithmic com­pon­ents for sequence ana­lysis to make them eas­ily adapt­able for vary­ing data access pat­terns and com­pu­ta­tional infra­struc­ture. Based on the cost mod­els she/he will also invest­ig­ate which com­pon­ents should be chosen to optim­ize per­form­ance. Given the vari­ety of sequence ana­lysis com­pon­ents, the PhD stu­dent will choose a smal­ler set of suit­able com­pon­ents for gen­er­al­iz­a­tion, which also involves choos­ing between dif­fer­ent algorithms that per­form bet­ter in a given set­ting of data access pat­tern and com­pu­ta­tional infra­struc­ture. Those com­pon­ents are then employed in a meta­ge­n­om­ics work­flow. The pos­i­tion is sub­ject to the grant of fund­ing by DFG.


MSc or Dip­loma in Com­puter Sci­ence or Bioin­form­at­ics


  • good gen­eral pro­gram­ming skills

  • excel­lent C++ skills

  • famili­ar­ity with bioin­form­at­ics sequence ana­lysis

  • know­ledge of work­flow engines like Next­flow and Snake­make

How to ap­ply:

All applic­a­tions quot­ing the ref­er­ence code should be dir­ec­ted prefer­ably elec­tron­ic­ally in one PDF-file to: Prof. Dr. Knut Rein­ert:

On the given occa­sion and for the dur­a­tion of the essen­tial on-site oper­a­tions by Freie Uni­versität Ber­lin, we kindly ask you to apply elec­tron­ic­ally by e-mail. The pro­cessing of a postal applic­a­tion can­not be guar­an­teed.

Freie Uni­versität Ber­lin
Fachbereich Math­em­atik und Inform­atik
Insti­tut für Inform­atik
AG Algorithmis­che Bioin­form­atik
Herrn Prof. Dr. Knut Rein­ert
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14195 Ber­lin (Dah­lem)

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