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Data Reve­nue GmbH - Turn­ing hid­den know­ledge into AI products

Data Rev­enue is a team of machine learn­ing engin­eers from all over the world (Brazil, Poland, Italy, Ger­many and Phil­ip­pines) – star­ted in Ber­lin, Ger­many.

We are focused entirely on build­ing ML products for our cli­ents – often involving non-straight­for­ward approaches.

5 years ago, we star­ted out with pre­dict­ive tar­get­ing, recom­mend­a­tion, fraud detec­tion and credit scor­ing products for large web plat­forms.

Now we work on Pharma, Biotech and Auto­mot­ive, spe­cific­ally gene, blood and radi­ology ana­lysis, as well as optim­iz­ing how cars are man­u­fac­tured. And tomor­row? Join us on our jour­ney and find out.

Machine Learn­ing Engin­eer (Python)

Work full-time on com­plex machine learn­ing prob­lems (Python).

Work­ing field:

Tired of data sci­ence roles that end up being mostly data engin­eer­ing. Or spend­ing years on edge cases for a single applic­a­tion?

Join our 100% remote, full-time, team of Machine Learn­ing engin­eers, and work on dif­fer­ent ML prob­lems every day. Take respons­ib­il­ity for the entire ML pro­ject cycle: From research­ing the best ML approaches for a prob­lem, to scal­ing your model on AWS run­ning bil­lion of live requests per day.

Work with us and our grow­ing cus­tom­ers in dif­fer­ent fields on mean­ing­ful ML chal­lenges: Pre­dict­ing rare dis­eases, auto­mat­ing radi­ology assess­ments, optim­iz­ing car man­u­factor­ing and bet­ter man­aging elec­trical grids for entire coun­tries.


  • Excel­lent com­mu­nic­a­tion. (Ger­man is a plus!)
  • Solid Engin­eer­ing Back­ground (4+ years devel­op­ment exper­i­ence).
  • Famil­iar with AWS and / or Google Cloud, Docker and Python.
  • Famil­iar with Machine Learn­ing.

What we of­fer:

  • Work 100% on machine learn­ing pro­jects, no data ware­hous­ing, no dis­trac­tions.
  • Work on hard, inter­est­ing and mean­ing­ful chal­lenges – like AI for digital drug dis­cov­ery.
  • Work remotely from any­where in the world.
  • Get stuff done and try your ideas – with 0 bur­eau­cracy.
  • Go on team adven­tures around the world, twice a year.
  • Work on large & com­plic­ated data­sets from com­pan­ies like Volk­swa­gen, Mer­cedes and John­son & John­son.

  • 2.500 – 4.500 € / month, depend­ing on exper­i­ence and loc­a­tion (cost of liv­ing).
  • Com­pany shares – and shares in yearly profits.
  • Unlim­ited con­tract, paid hol­i­day & sick days and team hol­i­days twice per year.
  • Hard­ware (Mac­Book), if you need it.

How to ap­ply:

Step 1: Fill out our ML Engin­eer Ques­tion­naire:
Step 2: Com­plete a small online Code Chal­lenge.
Step 3: Inter­view 1 with our CTO and CEO
Step 4: Data Sci­ence Code Chal­lenge
Step 5: Inter­view 2 with our CTO and CEO, and Offer.
Step 6: Offer