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Wiki­me­dia Deutsch­land e. V.

Wiki­me­dia Deutsch­land – Gesell­schaft zur För­der­ung Freien Wis­sens e. V. is a non-profit organ­isa­tion based in Ber­lin, Ger­many. With about 120 employ­ees and about 65.000 mem­bers, it is the old­est and largest of 37 inde­pend­ent chapters of the inter­na­tional Wiki­me­dia move­ment. The most well-known Wiki­me­dia pro­ject, the free online encyc­lo­pe­dia Wiki­pe­dia, is used by mil­lions of people across the world every day and is con­tinu­ously updated and improved by mil­lions of users.

Wiki­me­dia Deutsch­land fur­thers these ideals even bey­ond the free encyc­lo­pe­dia: It is our aim to estab­lish and pro­mote the cre­ation, col­lec­tion, and dis­tri­bu­tion of free know­ledge in all parts of soci­ety. Our object­ive is to cre­ate a world in which the sum of all human know­ledge is freely access­ible for every­one. The main focus of our activ­it­ies is the sup­port of volun­teers, the devel­op­ment of tech­no­logy and soft­ware, and the cooper­a­tion with cul­tural and sci­entific insti­tu­tions. Fur­ther­more, we advoc­ate on both the national and EU-level a legal frame­work which allows for free know­ledge to become part of our every­day life.

We are cur­rently seek­ing a Work­ing Stu­dent UX (m/f/d) up to 20 hours per week to join our soft­ware devel­op­ment team.

The UX team of Wiki­me­dia Deutsch­land is part of the Soft­ware Engin­eer­ing depart­ment. The three team mem­bers work based on user research and best prac­tices and work closely with developers and product man­agers to ensure usab­il­ity and use­ful­ness of our products.

Work­ing field:

  • See fea­tures through from idea on paper through imple­ment­a­tion and eval­u­ation
  • Dis­till com­plex con­cepts into easy-to-under­stand talk­ing points, graph­ics or pro­to­types to effect­ively artic­u­late and dis­cuss ideas with Product Man­agers, Engin­eers and the com­munity
  • Under­stand the com­munity, their needs and the usab­il­ity of our products by gath­er­ing, ana­lys­ing and dis­cuss­ing qual­it­at­ive and quant­it­at­ive data
  • Iter­at­ively improve fea­tures by con­sult­ing and exchan­ging with Product Man­agers and Engin­eers


  • Bach­elor’s Degree or equi­val­ent edu­ca­tion | Enrolled to a Mas­ter's Pro­gram
  • Exper­i­ence in Inter­ac­tion Design, UX Design, Human Centered Design, Design Think­ing or a sim­ilar dis­cip­line
  • Flu­ent in Eng­lish to inter­act in team with people work­ing on design, devel­op­ment, com­mu­nic­a­tion and product man­age­ment
  • Basic know­ledge in HTML and Javas­cript is an asset
  • Pas­sion for open source soft­ware and cul­ture
  • Exper­i­ence with open Know­ledge like Open Data, Wikis, Free Cul­ture or open access. open source soft­ware/wikis is Any a plus

What we of­fer:

  • A job where you can learn and get exper­i­ence in UX design, research and eval­u­ation
  • Work­ing in an inter­na­tional as well agile and col­lab­or­at­ive envir­on­ment
  • Flex­ible work­ing hours
  • Respons­ib­il­it­ies for the cre­ation of UIs
  • Per­sonal ment­or­ing to sup­port your learn­ing
  • Cost-free coach­ing in our Employee Assist­ance Pro­gramme

Ini­tial appoint­ment is for 2 years.

How to ap­ply:


Then apply now! Send us your detailed applic­a­tion doc­u­ments via our job portal. Our per­son­nel team will be happy to answer your ques­tions. We kindly ask you to refrain from applic­a­tion pho­tos and inform­a­tion on date of birth, mar­ital status and par­ents. We look for­ward to hear­ing from you!

Wiki­me­dia Deutsch­land is com­mit­ted to equal oppor­tun­it­ies and does not dis­crim­in­ate on the basis of, for example, eth­nic ori­gin, cit­izen­ship, reli­gion or belief, polit­ical or other opin­ion, gender, age, dis­ab­il­ity or sexual iden­tity or ori­ent­a­tion.