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BRIVE ana­lyses and improves driv­ing beha­viour of vehicle fleets like par­cel deliv­ery com­pan­ies. We do this by using the smart­phone sensors only. Bet­ter driv­ing style reduces fuel con­sump­tion, acci­dents and main­ten­ance costs. What makes it spe­cial: by giv­ing drivers a per­cent­age of the saved costs, they are con­stantly motiv­ated to improve their driv­ing style. A win for com­pan­ies, drivers and our planet.

CTO / Co-Founder

Improve the world of par­cel deliv­ery com­pan­ies with us!

Work­ing field:

You will build up the backend and the busi­ness logic behind BRIVE accord­ing to best prac­tise. Work­ing dir­ectly with the found­ing team, you will be an integ­ral part of the suc­cess of BRIVE.


  • Your exper­i­ence, know­ledge and pas­sion in backend devel­op­ment. Rather Node.js or Spring? Get involved and decide with us.
  • Your tal­ent to build REST APIs.
  • You are able to scale and have an idea of the big pic­ture.
  • You know how to cre­ate and main­tain data­base struc­tures accord­ing to best prac­tices.
  • You bring a thirst for know­ledge. You know your way around Unit Tests or set­ting up a CI & CD pipeline? Great! Don't you? That's fine - bring the pas­sion to learn things.
  • Ger­man and/or Eng­lish is fant­astic, but we also speak Rus­sian and Thai.
  • Humour.

What we of­fer:

  • Salary and adequate equity.
  • We are sup­por­ted by the EU and the State of Ber­lin and have a large net­work of part­ners from all dir­ec­tions.
  • Gear wheel isn't your thing? Be the 3rd wheel on the tri­cycle and build something big together with us.
  • We do something for the envir­on­ment and make the world a bet­ter place.
  • We believe that lifelong learn­ing is an import­ant part of work. You can learn a lot from Busi­ness & Tech. At the same time, we hope that we can learn a lot from you.

How to ap­ply:

Please get in touch via