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Home3sixty GmbH/ Home­bell

Bei Home­bell arbei­ten wir für ein gemein­sa­mes Ziel: Wir wol­len den Hand­werks­markt revo­lu­tio­nie­ren. Warum? Weil wir das Leben unse­rer Kun­den ver­ein­fa­chen wol­len. Dafür geben wir täg­lich unser Bes­tes. Denn Home­bell ver­wirk­licht Maler- und Hand­werks­pro­jekte so ein­fach wie nie. Wir erfül­len die Träume unse­rer Kun­den, indem wir ihnen ein opti­ma­les Woh­nen ermög­li­chen - ohne Stress und ohne Mühe. Dank unse­rer ein­zig­ar­ti­gen Tech­no­lo­gie kön­nen Home­bell-Kun­den erst­ma­lig ihr Hand­werks­pro­jekt online buchen, ohne den übli­chen Zeit­auf­wand einer lang­wie­ri­gen Suche oder die Besich­ti­gung durch meh­rere Hand­wer­ker. Wir über­neh­men die gesamte Pla­nung und Durch­füh­rung aller Schritte des Hand­werks­pro­jek­tes. Unser Erfolg hängt dem­ent­spre­chend maß­geb­lich von der Zufrie­den­heit unse­rer Kun­den ab.
Als Start Up sind wir dar­über hin­aus ste­tig bemüht unsere Arbeit kri­tisch zu hin­ter­fra­gen und Pro­zesse anzu­pas­sen, um unser Pro­dukt zu opti­mie­ren.

Fin­ance Intern

Ber­lin based start-up Home­

Work­ing field:

Are you look­ing for a demand­ing and dar­ing intern­ship where you can imple­ment and expand your know-how in fin­ance? Want to work dir­ectly with a team of ana­lyt­ical and fin­an­cial high per­formers? Man­aged dir­ectly by the CFO? All this in one of the most enga­ging star­tups in Ber­lin? Then send us your resume and who knows… you might be our new Fin­ance Intern!

Home­bell makes it as easy as pos­sible for our cus­tom­ers to com­plete their home improve­ment pro­jects. We make dreams come true by real­ising the ideal liv­ing space and ensur­ing that our cus­tom­ers can relax and enjoy the end res­ult. We do this by bring­ing mod­ern tech­no­logy to a mar­ket with tre­mend­ous oppor­tun­it­ies. Here we build an out­come where every­body wins. All our users bene­fit from our tech­no­logy and are bet­ter off because of it.

Dur­ing your intern­ship with Home­bell you will get hands-on exper­i­ence with a huge vari­ety of top­ics that will help you develop your skills, ran­ging from but not lim­ited to:
  • Man­aging, double check­ing and cre­at­ing invoices for all external pro­viders
  • Activ­at­ing the pay­ments towards our part­ner net­work by activ­at­ing pay­ments of the improved •invoices, dir­ectly influ­en­cing the well­being of our extens­ive part­ner net­work.
  • Assist in the book­keep­ing and organ­isa­tion of the book­keep­ing
  • Sup­port­ing the CFO dir­ectly in any fin­an­cial report­ing that is needed


For an intern­ship with Home­bell, you will need to show the will­ing­ness to grow and a strong will to learn and develop your­self. If you are a motiv­ated self-starter that wants the oppor­tun­ity to develop him­self! We have the place for you.

  • A stu­dent in a num­bers-driven field prefer­ably account­ing, fin­an­cial or busi­ness admin­is­tra­tion
  • An ana­lyt­ical mind that can ana­lyze num­ber fast and under­stand math­em­at­ical prin­ciples
  • The will­ing­ness and con­fid­ence to talk dir­ectly to and with senior man­age­ment
  • A min­imum dur­a­tion of 3 months

How to ap­ply:

If this is what you are look­ing for don’t wait any longer and apply!
Use the link:
For any inquir­ies please send a dir­ect email to Nik­las & Alex are there for you to answer any ques­tions you might have.