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Para­soft Deutsch­land GmbH

Para­soft researches and devel­ops soft­ware solu­tions that help organ­iz­a­tions per­fect soft­ware. To com­bat the risk of soft­ware fail­ure in today’s increas­ingly com­plex con­nec­ted applic­a­tions, Para­soft helps organ­iz­a­tions by auto­mat­ing time-con­sum­ing test­ing tasks while provid­ing man­age­ment the ana­lyt­ics neces­sary to focus on what mat­ters. Para­soft offers the industry's most com­pre­hens­ive test­ing solu­tions—includ­ing static and runtime ana­lysis, unit test­ing, require­ments trace­ab­il­ity, cov­er­age ana­lysis, API test­ing, dev/test envir­on­ment man­age­ment, ser­vice vir­tu­al­iz­a­tion and more. The major­ity of For­tune 500 com­pan­ies rely on Para­soft to pro­duce top-qual­ity soft­ware con­sist­ently and effi­ciently as they pur­sue agile, con­tinu­ous test­ing, secur­ity, com­pli­ance, and safety-crit­ical devel­op­ment ini­ti­at­ives.

About TESTO­MAT Pro­ject

Nowadays, qual­ity soft­ware has come to mean “easy to adapt” because of the con­stant pres­sure to change. Con­sequently, mod­ern soft­ware teams seek a del­ic­ate bal­ance between two oppos­ing forces: striv­ing for reli­ab­il­ity and striv­ing for agil­ity. The TESTO­MAT pro­ject will sup­port soft­ware teams to strike the right bal­ance by increas­ing the devel­op­ment speed without sac­ri­fi­cing qual­ity. The pro­ject will ulti­mately res­ult in a Test Auto­ma­tion Improve­ment Model, which will define key improve­ment areas in test auto­ma­tion, with the focus on meas­ur­able improve­ment steps.

More inform­a­tion on the pro­ject web-site:

Posi­tion for a Rese­arch Con­sul­tant

Work­ing field:

Para­soft Deutsch­land GmbH, the Ger­man sub­si­di­ary of Para­soft Cor­por­a­tion ( a pub­lisher of soft­ware test­ing solu­tions headquartered in the US ) is par­ti­cip­at­ing in a 3 year EU fun­ded R&D pro­ject called Testo­mat to improve and define state-of- the-art soft­ware test auto­ma­tion. It is a cooper­a­tion between industry (prob­lem own­ers, like Eric­sson and SAAB), solu­tion pro­viders (like Para­soft) and know­ledge pro­viders (like TNO and OFFIS). From a high level the pro­ject can be described as fol­lows:

Pro­ject Goal:
The TESTO­MAT pro­ject will allow soft­ware teams to increase devel­op­ment speed without sac­ri­fi­cing qual­ity. To achieve this goal, the pro­ject will advance the state-of-the-art in test auto­ma­tion for soft­ware teams mov­ing towards a more agile devel­op­ment pro­cess.

Pro­ject Res­ult:
The pro­ject will ulti­mately res­ult in a Test Auto­ma­tion Improve­ment Model, defin­ing key improve­ment areas in test auto­ma­tion, with focus on meas­ur­able
improve­ment steps.

TESTO­MAT defines three KPIs:
  • Test effect­ive­ness (meas­ured using code cov­er­age met­rics, improve­ment tar­get is a 7-10% increase)
  • Test speed (time sav­ings for test exe­cu­tion, ana­lysis, and main­ten­ance, tar­get is 20-30% speed-up)
  • Product qual­ity (count­ing test exe­cu­tions and iden­ti­fied bugs, tar­get is 15-20% qual­ity increase)

There­fore, Para­soft has a pos­i­tion avail­able for a young pro­fes­sional who would like to work on the bound­ary of research and industry and be part of a lead­ing com­pany in the rap­idly chan­ging world of test-auto­ma­tion and con­tinu­ous integ­ra­tion / devel­op­ment. Due to the close cooper­a­tion with organ­iz­a­tions in North­ern Ger­many (OFFIS in Olden­burg) and Gronin­gen (TNO, RUG and Para­soft NL), we would like to make the OL / HB region the loc­a­tion to hire a research con­sult­ant to work on the pro­ject. Ber­lin would also be an option. Due to the strong cooper­a­tion with Ger­man and Swedish part­ners, Ger­man and Eng­lish will be the main work­ing lan­guages.

How to ap­ply:

Stefan Harms, pro­ject coordin­ator
Ph: 030-700-140-357
Mobile: 0160-948-06037

Para­soft Deutsch­land GMBH
Unter den Linden 10
10117 Ber­lin