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DemoUp GmbH - IT

We believe that the future of e-com­merce is visual. Online shop­pers love to watch product videos and we’re work­ing on bring­ing videos to every online shop.

That is why we have built a product video plat­form that takes out all the hassle and obstacles that pre­ven­ted the video break­through in eco­m­merce until now. DemoUp allows online retail­ers to integ­rate thou­sands of videos com­pletely auto­mated into their product page and it helps man­u­fac­tur­ers and brands to mul­tiply their video audi­ence. We take care of all the work in the back­ground (Col­lect­ing and pro­cessing videos, match­ing of videos and product pages, world­wide stream­ing on all end devices) and make the use of product videos as easy as it should be.

Web Developer (Intern­ship or Werkstu­dent)

React, Redux, Node.js, Flux, Spark, Kafka, DASH, HLS, Lucene, Docker, Kuber­netes

Work­ing field:

Based in Ber­lin, Europe's cre­at­ive tech cap­ital, we are rein­vent­ing e-com­merce with product videos. DemoUp ( is a plat­form where global brands upload their product videos to dis­trib­ute them into online shops. Watch our 60 sec explainer video ( to grasp what we do.

We are look­ing for a Web Developer (Intern­ship) to build and improve our single page applic­a­tions. An arrange­ment as a Werkstu­dent is also pos­sible.

Your job:

  • Improve our single page dash­board with cut­ting edge tech­no­lo­gies
  • Work together with the biggest online shops world­wide
  • Invent, dis­cuss and develop new video related solu­tions
  • Learn devel­op­ment skills & tech­niques from one of the best tech teams in Ber­lin


  • At least 3 Semester of study com­pleted in a com­puter sci­ence or com­par­able degree
  • Know­ledge of data­bases espe­cially MySQL
  • Exper­i­ence in web design (CSS, HTML, JavaS­cript, AJAX)
  • Know­ledge in usage of React, Node.Js

What we of­fer:

  • Our Tech stack: React, Redux, Node.js, Flux, Spark, Kafka, DASH, HLS, Lucene, Docker, Kuber­netes
  • Small but super pro­duct­ive dev team
  • Your chance to grow with an inter­na­tion­ally, well-fun­ded, Start-Up.
  • A lot of respons­ib­il­ity and the chance to play a big role in suc­cess.
  • A great and use­ful product deliv­er­ing real value for cus­tom­ers
  • Work together with some of the best tal­ents in Ber­lin: smart, tech-focused and inter­na­tional.
  • Loft-style office with free cof­fee/water.
  • Sup­port­ive team, friendly atmo­sphere, and team events.
  • Close con­tact to founders and flat hier­arch­ies.

How to ap­ply: