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Cha­rité - Uni­ver­si­täts­me­di­zin Ber­lin - Institute for Medical Psychology

In the MEMOBABY longitudinal study, we are investigating how memory develops during the first year of life. Using electroencephalography (EEG), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), eye-tracking, and neurocognitive tests, we aim to gain deeper insights into this crucial period of human development. Our research is conducted at the Institute of Medical Psychology, Charité Campus Mitte (PI: Prof. Dr. Claudia Buss) and forms part of the CRC1315 on mechanisms of memory consolidation (

Lab rotation / internship in infant EEG and memory development

Investigating memory development during the first year of life with infant EEG, eye-tracking, MRI, and behavioral testing

Working field:

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience


Prior experience with EEG or infant testing is not a prerequisite but the motivation to work with infants is crucial. German is not a prerequisite but will be beneficial in interactions with participating families. At the moment, we can only accommodate individuals in need of fulfillment of a compulsory internship ("Pflichtpraktikum") as laid out by their institution's study regulations ("Studienordnung").

What we offer:

We offer the opportunity to get involved with all aspects of this study and actively support data collection. Your tasks will be matched to your skill level. Supervised coding/analysis projects within the lab rotation are possible. The internship can be expanded into a thesis project if the candidate matches expectations.

How to apply:

We welcome applications from individuals at all educational levels (Bachelor, Master, PhD orientation phase). To apply, please send an email to briefly describing your interest and attach a CV. Please also indicate the time frame of your availability. We offer internships for 3+ months. For a shorter duration, please contact us first to discuss the feasibility.