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THEMA Con­sul­ting - Con­sult­ing com­pan­ies, gov­ern­ments and other insti­tu­tions on the energy trans­ition

THEMA pro­vi­des inde­pen­dent and tho­rough expert ana­ly­sis and advice in the energy sec­tor. Our mar­ket reports, models and tailo­red ana­ly­ses help inves­tors and uti­li­ties to make infor­med invest­ment decisi­ons in rene­wa­ble energy, fle­xi­bi­lity solu­ti­ons, hydro­gen tech­no­lo­gies, and more. We also help minis­tries and regu­la­tors in sha­ping an effi­ci­ent mar­ket design, and we sup­port com­pa­nies in stra­te­gic and orga­ni­sa­tio­nal decision-making.

Our con­sul­tants have a wide range of back­grounds, ran­ging from eco­no­mics, busi­ness stu­dies, IT, mathe­ma­tics, and phy­sics, to engi­nee­ring (inclu­ding nano­tech­no­logy, and cyber­ne­tics) and other sub­jects. Working at THEMA means col­la­bo­ra­ting clo­sely with and lear­ning from highly skil­led experts, as well as ope­ra­ting in a truly inter­di­sci­pli­nary envi­ron­ment.

At THEMA, we also hope to learn from you. We stron­gly value and sup­port an open dis­cus­sion cul­ture to pro­mote new ideas and crea­tive ways of thin­king. True to our Scan­di­na­vian com­pany values, we enjoy and live a flat hier­ar­chi­cal struc­ture and open dia­lo­gue among col­leagues.

Become part of the THEMA growth story in Ger­many as an Energy Ana­lyst

still vacant

Join us and help us to accel­er­ate the energy trans­ition in Europe

Working field:

  • THEMA offers a broad range of ser­vices. From these, our col­leagues select where they can best apply their skills. And so will you. However, to give you an idea, below are some of our ana­lysts’ main tasks
  • Con­duct­ing mar­ket research, apply­ing basic skills in quant­it­at­ive eval­u­ations
  • Assess the qual­it­at­ive impact of policy and reg­u­la­tion such as power mar­ket design, RES sup­port schemes, cli­mate policy, and grid reg­u­la­tion
  • Con­cep­tual and con­tex­tual work on pro­pos­als, THEMA pub­lic­a­tions and present­a­tions
  • Com­mu­nic­a­tion and present­a­tion of pro­ject res­ults to cli­ents and in work­shops
  • If you´d like to work more quant­it­at­ively, you can join our mod­el­ling team and work with our power and gas mar­ket mod­els, improve our data pipelines, use optim­isa­tion algorithms, solve hedging prob­lems, etc.


  • Fresh from uni­versity or some first work exper­i­ence
  • Pro­gram­ming know­ledge is wel­come for those who want to join our mod­el­ling and data team
  • A curi­ous mind, the desire to speed up the energy trans­ition, and the wish to improve your quant­it­at­ive and qual­it­at­ive skills. We will sup­port your learn­ing tra­ject­ory as much as we can
  • Eng­lish is required, flu­ency in Ger­man is desir­able, any other lan­guage is a plus
  • Our work con­sists in deliv­er­ing excel­lent answers to dif­fi­cult ques­tions, so we expect you to be both rig­or­ous in your research and ima­gin­at­ive when devel­op­ing solu­tions
  • We juggle sev­eral dif­fer­ent tasks every day and depend on your ideas. The abil­ity to struc­ture your own work and pro­act­ively share ideas with your col­leagues will thus be help­ful
  • You like to give and receive feed­back, and enjoy learn­ing from other people´s know­ledge and skills, as well as shar­ing your own expert­ise

What we offer:

  • Work with many var­ied tasks that require intel­lec­tual curi­os­ity and cre­ativ­ity
  • Become part of a dynamic work envir­on­ment in a renowned and highly pro­fes­sional energy con­sultancy
  • Develop your skills and know­ledge as a part of a col­lab­or­at­ive and non-hier­arch­ical organ­isa­tion. We sup­port each other and gen­er­ally main­tain an open approach that is relaxed and respect­ful while still being intel­lec­tu­ally ser­i­ous
  • Be a key pil­lar of our busi­ness expan­sion in Ger­many, Switzer­land, and Aus­tria. At THEMA you will have ample room to take the ini­ti­at­ive and develop your own ideas and pro­jects
  • Have a life: We are con­sult­ants, but extra hours get paid, and we are happy when our col­leagues enjoy time with their friends/fam­ily/pets/hob­bies out­side work
  • Earn a good liv­ing: We offer you a com­pet­it­ive salary, a com­pany-sup­por­ted pen­sion plan, a news­pa­per abon­nement, per­sonal mobile phone, etc.
  • A great work­place in the heart of Ber­lin: We share the loc­a­tion with a large pool of other insti­tu­tions and com­pan­ies advan­cing the energy trans­ition. This has already facil­it­ated many col­lab­or­a­tions, and in sum­mer we always have lunch together in the patio.

How to apply:

If you fit the pro­file and would like to join our team, we would truly wel­come your applic­a­tion to get to know you bet­ter.

If you have any ques­tions, please do not hes­it­ate to con­tact Mar­cus Franken (phone: +49 151 5504 9381; email:, or Lukas Feld­haus (phone: +49 152 3468 8512, email:

Applic­a­tions are reviewed on a rolling basis.