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Henry Mobi­lity GmbH

What we do
We offer a sub­scrip­tion-based mobil­ity ser­vice to lead­ing deliv­ery com­pan­ies. This includes fin­an­cing vehicles for our part­ners, tak­ing care of main­ten­ance and devel­op­ing digital solu­tions for the best user exper­i­ence. We're proud to be trus­ted by industry-lead­ing deliv­ery firms such as Gor­il­las, Flink, Getir, Wolt, Just Eat Takeaway and oth­ers.

Where we're going
We’re a small team of ded­ic­ated pro­fes­sion­als and hard work­ers from diverse edu­ca­tional and cul­tural back­grounds. We share an entre­pren­eur­ial mind­set and aren't afraid to think big. We are cur­rently oper­at­ing in over 25 cit­ies across Ger­many, Aus­tria and Italy and are expand­ing across Europe in the upcom­ing months. In order to grow fast and sus­tain­ably, we are put­ting together a team of motiv­ated and highly tal­en­ted indi­vidu­als. It's chal­len­ging but excit­ing, and it never gets bor­ing.

Are you ready to be part of our growth jour­ney and will­ing to revo­lu­tion­ize last-mile deliv­ery with us?

Sales Deve­lop­ment Rep­re­sen­ta­tive - Working Stu­dent/man­datory internship (f/m/x)

Intern / Stu­dent, Part-time · Ber­lin

Working field:

Your Mis­sion at GetH­enry
This is a great oppor­tun­ity for busi­ness stu­dents to work on their mar­ket research and nego­ti­ation skills in a safe but fast-grow­ing and entre­pren­eur­ial envir­on­ment! This pos­i­tion can be based in Ber­lin, Ham­burg or Frank­furt.
You will be join­ing the Busi­ness Devel­op­ment team, which dir­ectly con­trib­utes to the growth of our com­pany. You will be sup­port­ing us by help­ing to grow small B2B cus­tom­ers. Your role will entail mar­ket research, sup­port lead gen­er­a­tion activ­it­ies, cold call­ing pro­spects and basic deal-mak­ing.
You will gain a fant­astic work exper­i­ence as you will con­trib­ute from day one to the busi­ness' growth, whilst enjoy­ing hands-on coach­ing and tar­get-driven work.


Your skills and qual­i­fic­a­tions
  • You are a Bach­elor's or Mas­ter's stu­dent look­ing to gain valu­able work exper­i­ence
  • Good com­mu­nic­a­tion skills
  • Very good Ger­man and Eng­lish lan­guage skills
  • Solu­tion ori­ented mind­set and prob­lem solv­ing skills
  • Col­lab­or­at­ive and hands-on atti­tude
  • Determ­in­a­tion and resi­li­ence

What we offer:

What you can expect from us
  • Respons­ib­il­ity from day one - take full own­er­ship of pro­jects and fol­low a steep learn­ing curve
  • The unique oppor­tun­ity to shape the future course of a fast-grow­ing star­tup with your ideas
  • Hands-on coach­ing
  • A cent­rally loc­ated and mod­ern office with access to drinks, fresh fruit and lots of amen­it­ies
  • You don't want to leave after your intern­ship? No prob­lem, we offer you the option to seam­lessly trans­ition into a per­man­ent pos­i­tion

How to apply:

GetH­enry wants to pro­mote equal oppor­tun­it­ies for all people. We are there­fore par­tic­u­larly pleased to receive applic­a­tions from women and people with dis­ab­il­it­ies.
If you have spe­cial require­ments for the inter­view, please con­tact our team.

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