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Tech­ni­sche Uni­ver­si­tät Dres­den - Cen­ter for Advan­ced Sys­tems Under­stan­ding (CASUS)

The TU Dres­den is one of ele­ven Ger­man uni­ver­si­ties that were iden­ti­fied as an “excel­lence uni­ver­sity”. TUD has about 36.500 stu­dents and almost 5319 employees, 507 pro­fes­sors among them, and, thus, is the lar­gest uni­ver­sity in Sax­ony, today.

Having been com­mit­ted to sci­en­ces and the engi­nee­ring before the reuni­fi­ca­tion of Ger­many, TU Dres­den now is a multi-disci­pline uni­ver­sity, also offe­ring huma­nities and social sci­en­ces as well as medi­cine.

FOUN­DING DIREC­TOR (m/f/d) of the Cen­ter for Advan­ced Sys­tems Under­stan­ding (CASUS)
in com­bi­na­tion with being
FULL PRO­FES­SOR (W3) of Com­pu­ta­tio­nal Sys­tems Sci­ence at the Tech­ni­sche Uni­ver­si­tät Dres­den

We are see­king a lea­ding inter­na­tio­nal sci­en­tist (m/f/d) with a com­pel­ling vision to estab­lish and lead a new rese­arch insti­tute and a newly estab­lished chair in com­pu­ta­tio­nal sys­tems sci­ence to serve as the

FOUN­DING DIREC­TOR (m/f/d) of the Cen­ter for Advan­ced Sys­tems Under­stan­ding (CASUS)
in com­bi­na­tion with being
FULL PRO­FES­SOR (W3) of Com­pu­ta­tio­nal Sys­tems Sci­ence at the Tech­ni­sche Uni­ver­si­tät Dres­den
in joint appoint­ment with the Helm­holtz-Centre Dres­den-Ros­sen­dorf e.V. (HZDR) accord­ing to the Jüli­cher Modell
at the ear­liest pos­si­ble date

The vision for the insti­tute CASUS is to under­stand com­plex sys­tems in earth and natu­ral sci­en­ces, bio­me­di­cal sci­ence, engi­nee­ring, and social sci­en­ces by the deve­lop­ment of data sci­ence methods for com­plex sys­tems ana­ly­sis and help to mas­ter the chal­len­ges in these sys­tems. Future rese­arch is inter­di­sci­pli­nary and data-dri­ven. We stron­gly advo­cate Open and F.A.I.R. Data.
The insti­tute has been foun­ded in 2019 and is based in Gör­litz near Dres­den. The sci­en­ti­fic frame­work of CASUS is pro­vi­ded by the coope­ra­tion of the Helm­holtz-Centre Dres­den-Ros­sen­dorf (HZDR), the Helm­holtz Centre for Envi­ron­men­tal Rese­arch Leip­zig (UFZ), the Tech­ni­sche Uni­ver­si­tät Dres­den (TU Dres­den), the Uni­ver­sity of Wro­claw (UWr), and the Max Planck Insti­tute of Mole­cu­lar Cell Bio­logy and Gene­tics (MPI-CBG). It is expec­ted to fur­ther deve­lop vibrant col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons bet­ween these part­ners and to shape CASUS sci­en­ti­fi­cally and stra­te­gi­cally. CASUS shall become a widely seen Excel­lence Cen­ter with about 100 employees and inter­na­tio­nally recrui­ted, renow­ned and high poten­tial sci­en­tists in a struc­ture of inte­gra­ted rese­arch groups (

Work­ing field:

The Direc­tor’s rese­arch should have recei­ved inter­na­tio­nal reco­gni­tion wit­hin any of the fol­lo­wing areas (not a restric­tive list):
  • Data sci­ence and machine lear­ning for com­plex sys­tems;
  • Deve­lop­ment and app­li­ca­tion of methods of artificial intel­li­gence;
  • Lear­ning and iden­tifi­ca­tion of models from obser­va­tions or mea­su­rement data;
  • Data visua­li­za­tion and visual ana­ly­tics for under­stan­ding com­plex sys­tems;
  • High-per­for­mance com­pu­ting for simu­la­ting com­plex sys­tems;
  • Nume­ri­cal simu­la­tion methods for com­plex sys­tems;
  • Algo­rithms for model reduc­tion, uncer­tainty quan­tifi­ca­tion, and pro­ba­bi­listic pre­dic­tion.

As a Full Pro­fes­sor (W3) of Com­pu­ta­tio­nal Sys­tems Sci­ence, you will also be a full mem­ber of the Faculty of Com­pu­ter Sci­ence of TU Dres­den, one of the 11 Excel­lence Uni­ver­si­ties in Ger­many. In this role, you are fur­ther expec­ted to have excel­lent tea­ching capa­bi­li­ties as well as a habi­li­ta­tion or habi­li­ta­tion-equi­va­lent accom­plish­ments.


As a suc­cess­ful can­di­date you are an inter­na­tio­nally out­stan­ding per­so­na­lity with a uni­ver­sity degree in data-inten­sive sci­ence and a pro­ven track record in com­pu­ta­tio­nal sci­ence. We place spe­cial empha­sis on high impact, peer-reviewed publi­ca­ti­ons, inter­na­tio­nal expe­ri­ence, expe­ri­ence in foun­ding and sha­ping inter­di­sci­pli­nary and crea­tive rese­arch envi­ron­ments. You com­pre­hen­si­vely rep­re­sent the field in rese­arch and tea­ching. You have expe­ri­ence in suc­cess­fully con­duc­ting inter­di­sci­pli­nary rese­arch and in inspi­ring others to achieve sci­en­ti­fic excel­lence and high inter­na­tio­nal impact. You pos­sess several years of rese­arch lea­dership expe­ri­ence. Stra­te­gic and con­cep­tual skills to fos­ter the deve­lop­ment of the stra­te­gic rese­arch vision are essen­tial, as are pro­ven lea­dership skills and a com­mu­ni­ca­tive, moti­vat­ing manage­ment style. A strong inter­na­tio­nal sci­en­ti­fic net­work in your rese­arch area, as well as strong past per­for­mance in the acqui­si­tion of inde­pen­dent rese­arch fun­ding are requi­red. App­li­cants must ful­fil the employ­ment qua­li­fi­ca­tion requi­re­ments of § 58 of the Act on the Auto­nomy of Insti­tu­ti­ons of Hig­her Edu­ca­tion in the Free State of Sax­ony (SächsHSFG).

What we of­fer:

The appoint­ment as Direc­tor is for a period of five years. Reap­point­ment is pos­si­ble. The posi­tion in com­pu­ta­tio­nal sys­tems sci­ence at TU Dres­den is a ten­ured pro­fes­sor­ship. All CASUS part­ners have set them­sel­ves the goal of pro­mo­ting women in exe­cu­tive posi­ti­ons. App­li­ca­ti­ons from women will the­re­fore be expli­citly encou­ra­ged. The uni­ver­sity and HZDR are cer­ti­fied family-fri­endly employ­ers and offer dual career ser­vices.
App­li­ca­ti­ons from can­di­da­tes with disa­bi­li­ties or those requi­ring addi­tio­nal sup­port are very wel­come.

For ques­ti­ons regar­ding the announ­ce­ment, please con­tact Pro­fes­sor Dr. Sebas­tian M. Schmidt, Sci­en­tific Direc­tor of the HZDR, Tel. +49 351 260-4800, email:

How to ap­ply:

Please send your elec­tro­nic app­li­ca­tion in Eng­lish, inclu­ding a state­ment of pur­pose and stan­dard docu­ments (cur­ri­cu­lum vitae in tabu­lar form, degree cer­tifi­ca­tes, lists of aca­de­mic publi­ca­ti­ons, cour­ses taught and eva­lua­ti­ons, and rese­arch grants acqui­red), at the latest by Octo­ber 8, 2021 to:
TU Dres­den, Dekan der Fakul­tät Infor­ma­tik, Herrn Prof. Dr. Uwe Aßmann, Helm­holtz­str. 10, 01069 Dres­den and in elec­tro­nic form via the TU Dres­den Secu­re­Mail Por­tal by sen­ding it as a sin­gle PDF-docu­ment to the Dean’s
Please note that your app­li­ca­tion docu­ments will be sha­red with the mem­bers of the search com­mit­tee, the respon­si­ble com­mit­tees of TU Dres­den, HZDR and the recrui­t­ing agency BELOW TIPP­MANN & COM­PA­GNIE PER­SO­NAL­BE­RA­TUNG GMBH Ber­lin.

Refe­rence to data pro­tec­tion: Your data pro­tec­tion rights, the pur­pose for which your data will be pro­ces­sed, as well as fur­ther infor­ma­tion about data pro­tec­tion is avail­able to you on the web­site: https: //tu-dres­­riere/daten­schutz­hin­weis.